Frozen fish

Coming on the market, you can very surprised, reading the names of frozen fish on the counter of the store. And if pink salmon or salmon from suspicion that it is exactly this kind of fish, frozen fish white carcasses are often so similar that you can get confused in the names. What is the difference between hake blue from silver, for example? Let’s look at the names of the most popular types of fish and see what fish actually hides behind them.

Kinds of frozen fish

If you still think that hake therefore more expensive than hake as it is more bold, we will surprise – vegetables broth and fresh hake is called normal Pacific hake, frozen and milled in the glaze. So feel free to buy heck, if the price difference is 15-20 UAH, how often do cunning sellers. In General, I must admit that half the fish that we eat is actually a heck, just grown in different conditions and in different parts of the globe. And since hake is a fish that we like for the low price, ease of cooking and high taste qualities, let’s look at what we offer our sellers.

Blue hake is the most common southern blue whiting, which is not very fatty fish, easy to prepare. Length of carcass from 20-25 cm, the fish has big fins and procurements in the form of carcasses. From Norwegian fish blue whiting it has a lower fat content and has a higher price.

Silver hake – frozen fish, which is another name for Pacific hake. This carcass length 25-35 cm fish is very tasty and easy to prepare. This frozen fish fried, boiled, baked and delicious burgers.

Royal heck – this is another kind of frozen fish from hake and Argentine hake it is often called Argentina. Large bodies with a length of 40-50 cm and a weight of about a kilogram of ideal for baking and cooking the cutlets and the fish is good just fried in batter.

Many will say – and what kind of fish this shrimp? It’s just kinglip or Congreve, view of ocean predatory fish that feed on molluscs. No similarity with the taste of this fish with shrimp, and the name of this morozeni fish because it has a delicate pink color similar to the color already prepared shrimp.

Pangasius or catfish, or sole – delicious type of frozen fish that is often sold in fillets, and has a very delicate flavor. It is a very oily fish that is perfect for frying deep-fried, and grilled.

Sea elephant, who recently appeared on the shelves with frozen fish is not that other, as the familiar Grenadier, a large sea fish with a very delicate taste. But since the Grenadier is a very thick skin, this frozen fish were sold without it, and that sellers and buyers were not confused, were called the sea elephant. The name of this fish derives from the grayish color and the process of cooking in deep fat it becomes very tender and the taste and white color.

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