The inhabitants of the Caspian sea

The inhabitants of the Caspian sea. Animals of the Caspian sea is represented by 1809 species, of which 415 are vertebrates. In the Caspian sea registered 101 species of fish, it is focused the majority of the world’s reserves of sturgeon, as well as freshwater fish such as roach, carp, perch. The Caspian sea is the habitat of fish such as carp, mullet, sprats, Kutum, bream, salmon, perch, pike. In the Caspian sea is also home to a marine mammal — the Caspian seal.

The world grade 4

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“Domestication of animals” – Near the man began to live animals. Information about the place and time of domestication of animals. The reindeer herding. The dog was domesticated very early. Reducing the size of the brain. To find out what animals the ancient people tamed. Sheep. People began to domesticate bees. Goat. Ancient tour. Buffalo. Pigs. The man of the stone period. Geese. Chickens as poultry. Cow. Foci of domestication of the horse. The size and shape of the body.

“Tsar Peter” is a Sample of the civilian alphabet, fixed by Peter the great, 1710, the People impoverished, fled to the suburbs and abroad, intensified serfdom. The house of Peter I. Peter I. 1695 year– priest Peter I in Saratov. 1722, the year – 2 visit of Peter I in Saratov. The arrival of Peter I in Saratov. Senate square and the monument to Peter I. Artist B. Petersen. V. A. Serov “Peter I on the Neva river”.

“Motherland Russia” – in Addition to poneva peasant women wore sundresses and skirts.The far East. Red stripe – solar dawn. Symbols Of Russia. Kamchatka. Russian feast. Steppe. White – birch. Udmurtia. Khokhloma. My Homeland – Russia. The Volga River. Peasant’s dwelling consisted of a crate, house, porch, chamber, cellar and closet. The Lake Baikal. Russian birch. The Coat Of Arms Of Russia. Tula samovar. From the cradle to the grave Kuti lived a Russian man on the porridge.

“Chelyabinsk Red book” – Djungarian hamster. Who is it. Russian desman. Mammals. Bullhead. Doskazhi name. Grey hamster. Rules. Plants. Crested newt. Brown long-eared bat. Garantiza brittle. Morio dark red. Quiz. The lady’s slipper. Garden Dormouse. The yellow pods. What is a Red book. Flying squirrel. What do you call these animals. The red book of the Chelyabinsk region. What plant extra.

“Study of chocolate” Eat chocolate. Chocolate. What is the chocolate. Chocolate “Bliss”. What You like chocolate. How often do they buy chocolate during the day. The origins of chocolate. Helpful or harmful chocolate. To conduct the survey. Analysis of the composition of chocolate. Chocolate – harm or benefit. Hypothesis. The composition of the chocolate. Indians-Almaki. As it turns out chocolate. The most used varieties of chocolate. Methods. Chocolate has a positive effect on the health of the people.

“Plants in human life” – Flowers are very important in our lives. Flowers and perfumes. Plan. The role of flowers in human life. The role of flowering plants in producing oxygen. Flowering plants are a source of inspiration. The results of the survey. The colors as part of interior, garden or clothing. Flowers as medicine. Designers create wedding dresses made of flowers.