TOP 10 Filter for the reservoir

Any garden pond and a small decorative lake with plants, and is a quiet backwater for fish, and an impressive swimming pool – need to have a quality filtration system.

Cleaning system reservoir

Different cleaning systems for ponds can contain elements of mechanical cleaning that can lighten the water by removing debris and dirt particles, as well as components of chemical and biological filtration and an ultraviolet lamp.

The last elements are used for disinfection and purification of toxins by using special filter substances such as coal or resin, and the normalization of microflora of water in a separate compartment of the filter contains special capsules with beneficial microorganisms.

The main purpose of filtration is not only mechanical water purification, how much normalization the biological balance of the pond, when the pond naturally suppressed the development of unwanted algae and harmful bacteria.

Performance and completion of the appropriate filter is determined based on its size and destination, because the level of pollution ornamental, swimming and the pond stocked with fish is significantly different. In addition, to maintain normal balance of the pond filtration system should complement the underwater aerator that will enrich the water necessary for fish and plants with oxygen.


In most cases for purification of water in garden ponds use a flow or pressure cleaning systems, which are included in the kit or supplied separately pumps pond fishing.

The water is sucked and fed to the filter, where it is cleaned and then returns to the pond. In the cheaper and less productive flow filters water flows by gravity, and in more expensive and efficient discharge – pumped under pressure.

For large bodies of water often use modular filtration systems that have multiple compartments for the purification of water containing all the necessary filter system.

For effective purification of water in such ponds filtration system must be supplemented by a separate area of regeneration . where the composition of the water will be restored due to activity of beneficial algae – oxygenator.

The principles of filter selection

To determine which filter you need based on its maximum productivity or capacity of the pump supplied with the filter.

A pond without fish should be fully pumped for two hours and fish for an hour. Thus, calculating the approximate volume of pond in liters (product of its maximum internal dimensions should be multiplied by 1000 and divide by 2), it is easy to determine suitable models.

Note that for effective cleaning of water filtration system should work continuously for 24 hours . It is necessary that the pond illuminated by the sun approximately 6 hours a day, and at noon not less than 40 % of the water surface must be shaded.

It is desirable that the reservoir is not located directly under trees: deciduous leaves and roots are harmful to the water, and the pond too long will be in the shadows.