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Modern freshwater aquariums can be as ordinary ponds, and a fully-planted aquariums, in which fish if they are present, play only a role of scenery.

Freshwater fish aquariums differ mainly by the type of Pets they contain.

Aquarium for predatory fish (ziggidy, catfish, piranhas and other freshwater predators)

Classic aquarium (small schooling fish)

Pseudo – (often the undemanding cichlids or other fish)

This is the aquariums, which can often be found in homes. They are so popular and easy to care for, because most freshwater species are characterized by amazing simplicity.

Planted aquariums is already a hobby for enthusiasts, otherwise you have to use the services of outside experts. There are quite a few species, but the most famous and popular are two:

Dutch aquarium. This is a real underwater garden. It is created taking into account a set of rules that help to get a real masterpiece. Solid appearance of the aquarium instantly gives weight and importance to the room in which it is located.

Japanese, or the natural aquarium – this is more of an art than just a hobby. This way by using natural colors to recreate the beautiful underwater scenery. It is the embodiment of harmony and tranquility.

Planted aquariums require careful maintenance, selection of the composition of water and proper lighting. The result of this work is elegant decoration at home or office.

Marine aquarium – aquarium design masterpiece, combining colourful, exotic marine life, vibrant coral reefs, soft, eye-pleasing colors and extraordinary designs. There are several versions of marine aquarium:

fish aquarium, where all attention is focused exclusively on the exotic, or dangerous sea fish predators;

mixed aquarium next to the fish settled sea stars and other marine fauna:

aquarium corals – a delightful combination of coral and small amounts of bright fishes;

the coral reef is stunning in its realistic imitation of a real coral reef with characteristic marine inhabitants and landscape.

Marine aquarium offers unlimited opportunities for experimentation. Size, shape, inhabitants, vegetation – thanks to modern achievements of aquarium to really realize virtually any creative imagination of the customer.

Such an aquarium can become the main highlight of the interior design of your house, office or shopping centre. Through the use of high quality acrylic materials, in the manufacture of marine aquarium is not necessary to stay on standard solutions – the aquariums of large dimensions and original shapes are available to order today. To order enough to describe your requirements to the employees “Home Ocean”.