Business idea: aquarium fish Guppies

Now almost every house has a tank (but if not, then after reading the article be sure to get it!). His presence, not counting the one I know of negative point – Allergy to fish, which occurs in one person out of five hundred thousand, it is solid pros.

First, it is just beautiful. The highlighted greenish water, light bubbles of air underwater decoration create a very fascinating picture.

The aquarium has a calming psychological effect. Ten minutes alone with the aquarium will be half an hour of relaxation.

Aquarium water is an excellent natural humidifier in the house.

The content of the aquarium teaches responsibility (to care for fish and plants, feed them, clean the tank, etc) – in General, what others consider a disadvantage can be turned to advantage.

But in addition to the home aquarium can be earned. The idea is simple: buy fingerlings, grow them to sell. For this purpose the best suited aquarium fish Guppy . Here’s why:

Guppies have phenomenal survival. These fish will survive in any, even the most inexperienced aquarist.

For keeping guppies do not require any expensive equipment and vodosvyatiem.

Guppies come in a variety of breeds: flamingos, Cobra, Moscow, red dragon, blue-green, the black Prince, and others with equally exotic names. Between themselves they get along very well, and it seems that in the aquarium swims a few different breeds of fish.

Guppy the most popular in pet stores and kept in aquariums.

Features of breeding

In breeding aquarium fish guppy has its own peculiarities that must be taken into account. Females and males come into sexual maturity, approximately four months old. The male fertilizes the female, once in four years. That is, the female will bring the fry once a month for four years. Before birth (guppies don’t spawn) the female needs to be deposited into a separate container, and after delivery you can plant back into the aquarium, otherwise the females can “eat” their own offspring. After the fry are a little older, they can also be released to “relatives”. To start a business enough with a dozen females and a couple males.


First, some numbers: ten females will bring an average of three hundred fry per month, by the time of puberty of the first batch of fry (four months), you will already have more than a thousand fish. Even if a third of them will die, and the rest you will be able to get good money. And keep in mind that fry will appear each month, so I think about expanding the business. Sell usually individuals who have reached the age of one.

To sell “products” in pet shops, wholesalers, and hobbyists-hobbyists. Special advertising “campaigns” in this case is not required – guppies – “running” goods. Accustomed to expand the business and to “connect” offers its training services to the care of fish, cleaning the aquarium, choosing plants, etc. you’ll see in a year, you will begin to think, not whether to make the breeding of aquarium fish guppies for its main source of income!

Your attention is a cognitive film about the Guppy fish, enjoy.