Ornamental Pond In The Garden
During the construction of an artificial pond, you must define its location and shape. In most situations, the pond give the correct geometric lines. It can be round, oval or…

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Exotic marine fish: Fish is a philosopher
Alectis albacore (Alectis ciliaris; international name African pompano; English name - thread-finned trevally) fish or a philosopher. This original and unusual representative of the family Lavrinovich widely distributed in subtropical…

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Marine fish for aquarium

Intellectual work has long required special attention to non-pecuniary costs for its implementation. To put it simply, in order to calm your nerves after a long stay at the computer or in a consultative room, you need to follow some special procedures. It can be sports exercises, breathing exercises, relaxing with friends or other similar activities. But there is one exercise that will allow you to have a good mood and not to go somewhere on the side in his quest. And all you need is an aquarium and marine fish for the aquarium, which will become its inhabitants.

Now let’s talk more about the advantages of this method of calming the nerves. The fact that water flowing in its original form is a calm breed. Already one look at its stable state is able to balance even the most aggressive person. Here lies the secret to peaceful setting areas, in which there are large aquariums. Quiet swimming of their inhabitants and carefree movement absorb all aggression, regardless of whether they come from visitors or from the host.

So, if you decided to acquire an aquarium and concentrate in marine life, it is necessary to decide who will be the most colorfully combined in it, helping you not just to relax at your leisure, but also raise even the worst mood and delight the eye with a pleasant appearance.

First of all, let’s start with the classics. If you live in your aquarium the clown fish, then you will have a colorful pet first. Such sea fish for the aquarium have a bright color in orange, white and black, tough, and carnivorous food. For the most comfortable feel in the aquarium, the temperature regime must be observed at the level of 22 – 25 degrees Celsius. In size, these fish do not exceed 9 inches, so a very large aquarium they do not need.

If you prefer a majestic exotic, then you should pay attention to the fish-Mandarin. Another name in this handsome Chinese perch, but despite his fearsome name, he is quite peaceful and safe. In eating these fish are carnivorous. Colors can be blue, green, red with a variety of shimmer in the form of an irregular ornament closer to the tail. For the price these fish are readily available, so that can be an asset almost every tank.

Well, if you prefer the real beauty and elegance, then you should replenish your aquarium fish such as Liposome rubra. Elegant bright red beauty that feels optimally in the same conditions as the clown fish has a maximum size of 7.5 cm, are carnivorous and not fussy to care for. The very same external colour cannot fail to fascinate. Silver stripes along the entire length in combination with dark blue spots on the back and fins, it’s like the calling card of these fish. It causes involuntary open the mouths of even the most skeptical of people. Read more.

SOMETHING ABOUT THE GOLD FISH Goldfish (Carassius auratus auratus) is a subspecies of silver carp in the wild living in China, Japan and Korea and on some Islands.Thanks to the…


FISHING IN the BLACK SEA: fishing for flounder, mullet, garfish and other fish
If you are tired of lying all day on the beach, wander excursions, fishing is one of the wonderful leisure activities. There are plenty to choose: in the Black sea…

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