Predatory fish piranhas. Piranha aquarium

Piranhas have long been known for their predatory and aggressive nature, which has been covered not only in educational programs about animals, but also art films. Such ruthless behavior piranhas greatly exaggerated bloody scenes in the movies, but nonetheless, piranha – carnivorous fish. Piranha means “tooth – fish”, you can guess what the name of this fish was due to its razor-sharp teeth. Today, fans of exotic aquarium fish often acquire piranhas in their aquariums.

In natural conditions, predatory fish piranha live in river waters of South America and Africa. Fish of this family are rather large and reach 30 cm as aquarium fish are the species, the size of which does not exceed 10 refer To these species include: slender piranha, red bellied piranha, piranha flag, dwarf piranha, etc. the Most popular one, among fans of exotic fish became red bellied piranha, due to its bright appearance.


The body of this fish is high, flattened laterally. Young individuals have light silver color with dark inclusions. Fish more “ripe old age” is distinguished by the olive-silvery color, with the same black patches. Fins piranhas have a reddish tinge.

That the aquarium is a predatory fish, like an spetsificheskimi jaws piranha with sharp triangular teeth and low set eyes.

The behavior of piranhas

Piranha – carnivorous fish, which, due to their teeth can easily bite off large pieces of meat, or even eat a small stick, but the piranhas do not attack humans and animals if they are fed and do not feel the danger, or a trap. As strange as it sounds, in captivity, piranhas are more fearful than aggressive. Any overly loud sound, hitting the glass of the tank, may lead piranha in “fainting”, they sink to the bottom of the aquarium, lie on your side and in convulsions, thankfully, long in this state they are not.

Therefore, the aquarium should be equipped with a large number of artificial shelters and vegetation. Piranhas most comfortable feel in flocks, they become active and successfully developed, but rather, it refers to young individuals, as adult fish thrive in solitude. Flocks of young aggressive piranhas, among them often there are fights, but serious injuries are they each other do not cause, but adults can attack each other.

Relationship to other species of fish

Piranha can live in an aquarium with small fish such as guppies, but for their peaceful neighbourhood is necessary to ensure the piranha adequate diet for these predators did not consider the other fish as my lunch. In the bulk tanks of piranhas can be kept with larger species of fish. In most cases, they calmly refer to this neighborhood, but occasionally piranhas can bite off a small piece of fin from other fish.

Piranha aquarium can be decoration for any aquarium. They do not require specific care. Creating comfortable conditions and providing them with nutritious food, the piranhas lose their aggressiveness and turn into interesting creatures.