The most beautiful fish

In our world there are about 25 thousand species of fish, but only some of them really fascinate us with their beauty. Today we want to present you our selection of the 10 most beautiful fish in the world.

1 Imperial angels

Imperial angels belong to the species of marine tropical fish and are considered some of the most beautiful individuals. Their coloring has a kind of uniqueness: it is able to change during the life of the black with blue and white stripes in young fish to a bright purple body with yellow-orange stripes in adults. With age the head becomes emerald green color, and around the eyes forms a characteristic mask.

2 Mandarin ducks

Mandarin is an extremely colorful fish of small size. The name they were given because of the color, which is very similar to the robe-the robe of a Chinese Mandarin. This species inhabits coral reefs at the bottom, mainly in the Pacific ocean. They like being protected from marine inhabitants of the lagoon, at the slightest danger, the body secretes poison.

3 lionfish

Lionfish – recognized as one of the most poisonous and dangerous fish, but the spikes she uses only for defense. Its venom is harmless to humans but deadly for marine life. Lionfish deep on the ocean floor. Very many species of this fish live clusters in the reefs of the Caribbean, Japan, China, Australia.

4 Triggerfish

The triggerfish have svoeobraznuyu body shape and gaudy coloring. These fish owe their name to the two spines of its fin on its back that at the slightest danger protrude forward. But not only do studs triggerfish frightening – as individuals have powerful teeth and jaws that are suitable for hunting on sea urchins. The largest may grow to a meter in length.

5 Triggerfish Picasso

The Picasso triggerfish is different from all sort of trigger relative harmlessness, but this does not reduce their aggressiveness. These fish are around the head and eye is a beautiful multi-colored edging of the strips. The Picasso triggerfish prefer warm shallow water.

6 Nudibranchs

Nudibranchs – have bright coloring and fantastic patterns. They are gastropod molluscs and live on the bottom of water depths. Their grandparents – the snail, who left a million years ago their shells. The surface of the body of nudibranchs are rich in various pigments, fancy folds and outgrowths. Individuals food is mainly plankton. Many nudibranchs have in Black, Red, Arabian seas.

7 Discus

Discus is considered one of the most beautiful tropical fish. Still referred to as the “King of the Aquarium”. At home to keep them quite difficult. This fish is very heat-loving and need to maintain high temperatures, and in soft and acidic, as close to natural conditions, the water. In the wild disuse inhabit the coasts, in the shadows, where no currents.

8 Moorish idol

Moorish idol family Sankovich very graceful fish, the most popular of aquarium. Having an unusually attractive appearance, images of a species very often found in the fine arts. This fish is extremely difficult to hold because it require specific care due to the power, adaptation and sensitivity. In captivity they live long. At large fish lives in the Indo-Pacific reefs, near the coast of Zanzibar, Japan.

9 clown Fish

Clown fish – so named because of a very active and even cheerful behavior, have contrasting colors, combining orange, black and white. Striking features of these fish is the management of his height (can speed up and even stop) and sexual appliances. Their habitats are widespread in the Pacific, Red, the Indian ocean.