Dangerous animals of the red sea

Today Egypt is one of the most popular vacation places for Russians. In this country there is something to see: the ancient pyramids of Giza, temples of Luxor to explore the Nile up to Aswan where you can see a grandiose monument of Russian-Egyptian friendship of the Aswan dam. Holiday in Egypt – it is also the beauty of the red sea . which is distinguished by its abundance of colors and species of marine life.

The length of red sea is 2350 km, width 350 km (in its widest part), maximum depth reaches 3000 meters in its Central part. From a geological point of view, Red sea is located in the rift zone of the African and Arabian lithospheric plates. The rift is a deep cleft that connects the upper part of the crust by mantle. The strongest power in the rift zone has a huge impact on living organisms, including human. In the North sea has two Gulf of Suez and Aqaba. Akabsk Bay the fault is. Therefore, the depth of this Bay reaches big values (up to 1600 meters). Two bays are separated from each other by Sinai Peninsula, in the South of which is the famous resort of Sharm El-Sheikh.

On the Eastern shore of the red sea . about 80 km South-zapadaet Sharm El Sheikh, is the second largest resort town of Hurghada .

The owner of a mask and snorkel can explore this beautiful underwater world of coral reefs and Islands. Of course, the scuba diver has the most rich picture of the sea, but, as a rule, the most colorful the world is at relatively shallow depths. This is because the corals for their growth and building of skeleton of light.

About 1000 species of fish and 250 species of corals live in the Red sea. Of course, when meeting with the animal world of the red sea on your way will meet some marine species, physical contact of a person which can lead to unpleasant consequences. Fear that You don’t know – this is normal! Some divers are afraid to be attacked by strange sea creatures and especially sharks. However, sharks are not the most dangerous fish of the red sea . If the Indian ocean is home to 127 species of sharks in the Red sea is only 29. The most frequently encountered white tip reef sharks (White Tip Sharks) and grey reef sharks (Grey Reef Sharks), hammerhead ( Scalloped Hammerhead Sharks). None of these species is not considered aggressive, although you need to be careful, because sharks are unpredictable. Therefore, you should adhere to the following rules: while on the surface of the water should not be beat with her hands and feet (representing themselves, in understanding shark, a wounded fish), you should not swim in murky water, hunting with harpoon gun (blood and vibrations to attract the sharks).

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