Snorkeling in Egypt on the Red sea

Snorkeling – recreational sports activities that can be practiced at any age. Snorkelling in Egypt is the easiest and most affordable way to see fish and corals of the red sea, the transparency and purity of water which is created for such classes. This requires only a mask, snorkel and fins.

Snorkel – eng. the term originally defined the device in submarines, which replenished the stocks of air to periscope depth. These submarines existed during the Second world war, followed by boats of other generations, this device was not used.

In modern understanding, the Snorkel is a plastic tube that allows a swimmer to breathe freely in the water face down, lowered for viewing the underwater world.

Below are tips on selection of equipment, technique, navigation, safety measures, information about dangerous fish and other dwellers in the Red sea, described the best places for snorkeling in Hurghada, Egypt .

In 2000, the Government of Egypt adopted a Law on national parks in the area of the red sea. Among the conservation areas except for RAS Mohammed entered Giftun island (Large and Small) with surrounding coral reefs. It should contribute to maintaining ecological balance, which was narushige mass pilgrimage divers and snorkelled, attracted by the wealth and beauty of the fauna in the waters of these places. All tourists,visiting the place in the areas of natural parks are required to pay an entry fee, part of the money goes to monitoring the underwater environment, equipment, Parking of yachts in permitted places and cleanliness on the beaches of these Islands.

Rules of conduct in national parks of the red sea of Egypt

Do not touch or break corals and shells.

Do not collect and do not harm the living and not living corals, shells, fish, plants and fossils.

It is forbidden to enter the water closed in from shipping areas and parts of the sea, moor reef, except at specially equipped points.

Prohibited feeding the fish as this disrupts the ecological balance of the coral reef.

On natural protected territories are prohibited spearfishing and fishing.

It is forbidden to throw garbage in the water of any origin.

Violators will be punished in accordance with Egypt Law No. 102 of 1983.

Snorkelling in the Red sea

Shaab Sabrina

Shaab Sabrina is an amazingly beautiful place, where thousands of tourists come to see the variety of colors of corals and marine fish in the crystal clear water of the red sea.

Shaab Sabrina – coral reef, adjacent to the Eastern shore of the island, Big Giftun. Boats and yachts are moored in the middle or Northern part of the reef. The Northern part is richer in corals, but in the middle there is a beautiful lagoon, sheltered from the wind.

Here you can find a variety of marine fauna of the red sea: sea turtles and sea urchin, fish – surgeon fish and butterfly, atiasov and parrots, cernopolni carp and sea fish – the flute.

The Bay Makadi Bay

The Bay Of Makadi Bay Marsa Abu Makadi . located 20 km South of Hurghada. On the shores of the beautiful Bay built a modern tourist town, the three of which in 2009 entered the top ten hotels in the world (according to the TUI, Germany).

The coastline of the Bay is bordered by wide coral madrepora platform through which you can easily move here arranged on the bridges.