Canadian Elodea or water plague
The birthplace of Elodea canadensis, as its name suggests, North America . Is one of the most popular in the world of aquatic plants. In the last century, the Elodea…

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The inhabitants of the Caspian sea
The inhabitants of the Caspian sea. Animals of the Caspian sea is represented by 1809 species, of which 415 are vertebrates. In the Caspian sea registered 101 species of fish,…

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How to breed goldfish in his pond on the plot

On our site there is a small pond about five meters wide and a length of about twenty. Clean water – a pond fed from a spring. The bottom of the pond we poured, the walls were covered with stone. But bathing is inconvenient – shallow.

And no fish-serious not to breed is too small vadimchik. We’ve decided to fill this “mosquito breeding ground” and raised beds can make some, but advised not to rush with it, and to try to grow in the pond goldfish .

However, our sons, John and Gregory, decided in their own way – caught in the river normal carp and released them in “my lake”. The goldfish lived in the pond until the autumn, fed on mosquito larvae and other small aquatic creatures, then safely wintered under the ice, and in the spring spawn, and soon in the pond there are a lot of fry.

One day we stopped and a friend said that goldfish out of the goldfish to the Japanese, and if the carp feels in our pond safely, and his descendants – goldfish – also a must in these conditions to take root. And the guys lit up – I decided to catch the carp fine mesh, but instead they run to a divorce a few goldfish. Went to town and bought in a pet shop regular red comets and black veiltail, then call our pond “aquarium” .

In the first year everything was normal, zolotarivka “in the wild” very quickly grew to autumn were already twice the original size. Gregory Ivan, I wasn’t sure whether to leave them for the winter or better to catch and hold the cold at home in some barrels. In the end, hoping for a warm winter, left the fish in the pond. In the spring when the ice has melted, it became clear that in “the aquarium” wintered safely only three of the five comets – the smallest, and there was not one vualehvostki. In General, fish bought, but only of the comets, considering the veiltail insufficiently hardy.

Fish have been growing all summer, and by winter, the sons of moved them all in an old iron tub with pond water, set on the veranda. Comet wintered well, everything survived. Guys bought books on aquarium and learned from them that the goldfish to lay eggs of desired aquatic vegetation. In short, spring has decided to try to breed your goldfish .

Breeding is really a success only when by mid-summer the fry grew up, it turned out that they have different sizes, but more importantly, not all red, some of them looked like a normal goldfish, only spotty. In the end we guessed that it is a wild carp tried – before the launch of new “residents”, we have not deleted all the same.

The most successful was for us the third year of “fish farming”. Boys spring cleaned the pond from a wild carp, launched comets and got a lot of fry, which were caught and handed over to the pet store. Money, of course, rescued a small, but did the sons of the fishery at the Amateur level.