Shark. The most dangerous predator of the sea

These creatures are perfect, relentless and always hungry. They never sleep, and roam at night sea water, such as homing torpedoes. In this article I will tell you the most famous species of shark, and white shark,the most fearsome of the sharks that live off the coast of South Australia and South Africa

We already wrote about the most unusual of sharks is the Shark-Goblin. Now came the turn to tell about other species of sharks. Let’s start with the White shark. It has been the reputation of the most dangerous sea predator, however, they are also the most important nurses of the ocean. They attack from the bottom to the researcher that floats on the surface

White shark can high jump out of the water, as if hovering above the surface of the ocean

Remember the old horror movie called Jaws… Imagine a huge sea monster emerges from the depths of the ocean:

The tiger shark is the fourth largest predatory shark. A solitary hunter, usually hunting at night. The name came from the dark stripes in the lower part of the body. This shark most attacks on swimmers, surfers and divers in Hawaii. It also called dustbin of the ocean, as it often enough in the mouth of all the trash floating on the surface

The bull shark is often observed in shallow water, cudmore to break at high speed. They are quite aggressive, attack other animals and humans invaded their territory. Scientists believe that this species of shark is most dangerous to people

In this photo captured a Mako shark Shortfin responsible for eight attacks on people and about 20 attacks on boats

But for its size, even the biggest shark of our times will seem small fry compared with the size of prehistoric monsters like this Liprodene:

Here are a few interesting facts about sharks:

– A shark has no bones in her body, and a skeleton composed of cartilage

In New Zealand there is a species of shark called the Swell Shark. This shark can bark like a dog

– In the stomachs of caught sharks were found many strange things such as a bottle of wine, gold coins, barrel, torpedo, and many other unusual items

– The skin of sharks is covered with small denticles, sharp as a razor

Not all sharks live in warm or tropical waters, for example, there are species that live in Arctic waters at depths up to 600 meters, such as the Greenland shark. In size it reaches a length of White shark, but cases of attacks on humans were recorded, but rumor has it that these sharks appeared in the mouths of the rivers and attacked polar bears. The Greenland shark is also almost no vision:

The biggest mouth quite a rare species — largemouth shark. This mouth in addition to light up to attract plankton to the light. The existence of this species, nothing was known until 1976. Currently found only 46 such sharks

Here is another very rare species — the shark is a Ghost. These sharks are quite different from others in their appearance. Another difference from other sharks is that it lays eggs:

It was a review of the species of sharks. Who knows what-yet strange creatures dwell in the depths of the ocean, the most unexplored parts of the Earth? In the sequel I suggest You read about the strangest animals of our planet