Aquarium fish cichlids – content, photo, compatibility

Aquarium cichlids or Cichlidae is a family of fish squad okuneobraznyh, in which more than 1,300 species, of which 600 live in aquariums and have at least 100 different color forms.

African cichlids of lake Malawi

In addition to the small species of cichlids aquarium, which will be discussed below, the larger species, like the Mozambique tilapia in Africa and the Indian etroplus, grow big, up to half a metre. Cichlids species which reach such dimensions, valuable as a food fish in their places of habitat. The body length of different species ranges from 5-70 cm In nature, they inhabit mostly freshwater, although some species live in salt water seas, easily changing environment. Some of them feed on algae, other worms, mollusks and insect larvae. Many species, growing up, become predators. Cichlids aquarium is very interesting for its color, originality of forms and complex behavior. They’re great parents and grown offspring selfless and original. So some features of the contents of these fish will be interesting for both beginners and experienced enthusiasts.

The content of the cichlids in the aquarium

A large part of aquarium cichlids are quite unpretentious. You possibly will not need any aquarium compressor. nor a particularly powerful filter. Fish are not particularly fussy in relation to the composition and quality of water, but still love long unchanging water, and sometimes even can not tolerate fresh. This, of course, does not mean that the pond water cannot be changed – it’s just that these fish prefer well-established biological environment. Also do not forget that a routine cleaning of an aquarium never hurts.

The design of the aquarium with the cichlids — dense green thickets of echinodorus, Cryptocoryne, Java moss on the driftwood to make your aquarium unique. Don’t forget, also, the dark background on the rear wall, to the beauty of your underwater world looked incredible volume.

Nannacara closeup

Among the many species of these fish are found as heat-loving Malawian cichlids, and resistant to temporary decrease of temperature to 10°C cichlasoma of biocellata. The latter can be safely kept in an unheated pond.

Feeding the fish is simple, they are ready to eat any live food, and in the absence of food for cichlids can be canned, dry or ice cream.

Cichlids aquarium — types and features

Small cichlids species of pelmatochromis and nannacara will appeal to those interested in the content of the fish in the aquariums. For these “brats” will approach quite modest aquariums up to 20 litres.

Many small aquarium fish cichlids (apistogramma ), unlike their larger counterparts, are quite peaceful. They may be kept with other fishes, unless they have similar “living conditions”. For the breeding and care of dwarf cichlids need “old”, slightly acidified soft water.