Fish for your first aquarium baby

Thanks to aquarium care in children develop diligence and care skills for living beings, a sense of responsibility for them. In addition, the lens effect that creates water, has a beneficial effect on the condition of the retina.

The advantages of Aquarama fish

If you have purchased for the baby, the aquarium, the care should not be reduced only to the feeding fish one or two times a day – you should regularly change the water (once a week – no more than one-third), to take care not to clog the filter and daily to monitor the water temperature. Fish is not to overfeed, but the amount of feed for a single feeding are very easy to install – pour as much as fish can eat in 10-15 minutes. You can not prevent the accumulation of feed on the bottom, as this leads to water pollution.

Aquarium fish is a wonderful Pets for your children. Aquarium care will accustom kids to justice that will expand their horizons and curiosity.

The presence of aquarium in the house not only decorates the interior, but also has a positive effect on the health of the whole family – watching the floating fish, the body rests, relaxes and calms down, which is especially important for residents of cities where the rhythm of life is fast and busy.

How to choose fish in an aquarium for a child

1. Parents should remember that for young naturalists need not only beautiful but also revocable. It is better if the first inhabitants will be undemanding to the conditions of detention, the water parameters that they required special care.

2. If this is the first aquarium to choose, freshwater fish, because they are easier to contain in Olic from marine representatives.

3. Combine the fish correctly, not settling together “of the giants” and “little ones”, even if large fish are not aggressive, they may swallow small ones, mistaking them drifting towards food.

4. With little care or sick fish may die, so it’s best to have fish in flocks, so that individual losses were not as noticeable.

Fish for your first aquarium

Platies is a fish 4-5 cm long, with strong and rather dense body and wide tail fin. These creatures are quite active and mobile, so able to liven up a great home aquarium.

Platies are peaceful and undemanding aquarium fish. The aquarium for these fish should be planted, but to have free space for swimming. In relation to food platys also not demanding. These fish eat all kinds of dry and live feeds.

Swordtails are found in different vibrant colorings, so it will be an ornament to any aquarium. His name these beauties gained through the tail of the male of the family, which is pointed towards the end and resembles a sword.

These fish can be kept with all peaceful fish. But you do not want slow-moving fish, which the sword can break off the fins. To the conditions of detention and feeding these fish are not demanding.

Guppies are the most common inhabitants of the aquariums. Can live in the most normal conditions, undemanding to the conditions of detention and virtually omnivorous. The males have magnificent tails, naughty by nature, love to have a race on the aquarium. In the aquarium must be overgrown plants and free space for swimming.

You can choose one kind of fish, or to populate an aquarium with fish from each species listed.

Tell and show your child how to properly care for the fish, and he’ll get a lot of pleasure from creating your very own underwater world.