Black Sea. Danger

Black Sea. All you need to know coming.

Black sea. What to look out for?

Often, talking to people who come to vacation, they hear questions like: “But swimming is not dangerous?”, “And in the sea there are sharks?”, “A jellyfish poisonous?”.

Will try to answer a single article on these and all other similar questions.

In the Black Sea it is possible to tell: not good for the animals, dangerous to humans. Some individuals of course can cause some inconvenience, but nothing more.


Kornerot . Jellyfish are visible, and its appearance warns that it is not entirely harmless. n ate it quite large, dome-shaped. Under the dome hangs a dense pile of fleshy tentacles. This “beard” are poisonous stinging cells.

Kornerot can leave burns on the skin. Feel close to her like burned with boiling water. If kornerot you burn, don’t panic: not that terrible will not be. Put out from a jellyfish and swim to shore, washing away the burnt hand.

Aurelia . This jellyfish is more delicate and lightweight. Aurelia swim mostly in flocks, and when watching them – very moving and beautiful. Burn the skin it is not able, not strong enough poison in the stinging cells. But if you take it in your hand and then RUB the eye – you can get light burns of the eyelids or lips.

Strekatelnymi are located on the lateral border of the Medusa.

The Scorpion, Sea ruff

It is a bottom fish. They most of the time lying on the bottom, hiding and blending with the environment.

The danger these fish are mostly curious divers – if you manage to grab the fish by hand, you will receive painful injections spikes that are located on the back fin.

The wounds from the spikes from ruff painful enough, around the site of injection is formed inflammation. Wounds from Scorpion fish injections more painful. The poison causes General malaise, allergic reaction. Cases severe complications or death from the pricks of fish is not known.

Scorpion fish in the Black sea are of two types – the Scorpion significant (up to 15-18 cm in length. Found in coastal thickets of seaweed.) the Scorpion and the black sea (up to 50-60 cm is Found in the deep waters.),

The sea dragon.

This elongated, a bit like a snake, fish. The main part is buried in the sand.

On the back of the head and a fish’s poisonous spines.

Stepping on the dragon unlikely – he’s quite shy and quick. But after catching it while fishing, people often get the injections, trying to let him off the hook.

A shot of the dragon is more dangerous: a reaction to the poison could for a couple of days to erase from active resort life.

Sea cat, sting ray, Fox.

Let small – but it’s scat. The biggest Fox in the Black sea reaches a half meters from tip of tail to nose.

Stingrays lie on the bottom. Occasionally float, waving “wings”.

Stingrays are very shy and peaceful. Stingray does not attack itself never. But if you would still be able to step on it, Fox will stab you with its tail. The wound will remain quite sensitive, ripped. No deadly poison or shock hazard, do not follow.

In the area of Adler and Sochi stingrays are extremely rare, but in the area of Anapa and Dzhemete in the spring you can watch as they frolic under water.

Sharks in the Black sea.

But they are small not more than a meter in length. Shark called spiny dogfish. People Katran does not attack, and are generally very timid and cautious. To meet him is impossible. Even catch Katran – an unprecedented success for fishermen, it is necessary to have a motor boat and good luck.

In the Black sea not found: Moray eels, man-eating sharks, evil octopuses, stingrays and other horror stories.