JUWEL – “all inclusive”* for Your fish!

Emphasized a sober, classic design enjoys continued popularity not only Europe, but all over the world. Recent trends in Europe and Ukraine are such that business centers premium with JUWEL aquariums, aquariums as well improves the ergonomics of the space, and the classical design and color of JUWEL aquariums perfectly emphasize the prestigious status of classrooms and office space. Surprisingly, a fairly narrow range and color aquariums fit perfectly into any interiors and suitable for any furniture.

Range of aquariums represented by such models as the RIO, VISION, TRIGON, LIDO and REKORD.

Technical equipment of the aquarium remains at a consistently high level. Unique, designed specifically for JUWEL T5 lamps give 150% more light. Every aquarium has a biological internal filter, operating on the principle of double flow. The invisible thermostat built into the filter housing.

Aquariums RIO is a CLASSIC aquariums. Their design, not subject to changes of fashion. The range of these aquariums presents most widely: volume from 125 to 400 h Series aquariums RIO be used as a marine aquarium.

The VISION aquariums IS an EXCLUSIVE series. Lets look at the magic aquarium world by dragomiresti. Due to the curved facade of glass aquariums VISION optically emphasize the depth and allow you to have another look at Your underwater world. The presented model of 180, 260 and 450 L. it is Possible to use a series of VISIONaquariums marine aquarium.

Aquariums TRIGON – SPECIAL. They turn any corner into an attractive decorative element of the interior. Model number predstavleniyami volume 190 and 350lt. You can use it for marine aquarium.

Aquariums LIDO – ELEGANT. Due to the strict laconic design of LIDO is suitable for any intrieri. Let its elegance and the system will become a pleasant surprise for you! The model is made in a volume of 120 l mixed use marine aquarium.

REKORD aquariums – a BASIC MODEL of the SYSTEM. These aquariums will discover the charm and variety of your own underwater world. This basic model is the ideal starting system. Lighting system – lamp T8. Available in the amount of 63 and 110 HP