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The largest fish

Spain is a country surrounded on three sides by water. The main focus of the country’s economy is, of course, tourism, fruit growing and fishing. During the year Spain exports to all countries of the world millions of tons of fish. Due to a large and diverse number of marine animals and fish, the country occupies the leading position. Whom here only you will not meet! Let’s start with the biggest – whales. They meet up and striped, and plain, and even sperm whales. If you want to see whales – hire a car in Spain and drive to Bay of Biscay, where you will definitely see them.

Sharks are found in the Mediterranean sea off the Spanish coast and in the waters of the Atlantic ocean. Officially it is considered that in the Mediterranean there are 47 species of sharks. But the inhabitants becoming less and less. And the first one begins to fade hammerhead shark. This can lead to environmental disaster, since sharks carry out a role of hospital attendants of the sea, destroying the weak and the sick and supporting the population of marine species. But attack people sharks rarely. Often they can be found entangled in fishing nets.

Who can be found in waters of Spain?

The Mediterranean sea is a shelter for endangered species of mammals – the monk seal.In 1992, this species was declared extinct from the face of the Earth, but the government as a result of the program of protection of animals has taken all measures to detect this species off the coast of Spain. Monk seals live in underwater caves where females give birth to their young. But their peace is broken by divers, who by their curiosity, scare and disturb the rest of the animals.

Near the coast you can find a lot of jellyfish, stingrays and sea urchins. Most species are harmless, but there are quite dangerous to human life, it is necessary to know in advance those who are going to buy tickets to Spain. The tentacles of jellyfish, which is called “warship”, reaches a length of 20 meters and its bite is very painful. When meeting with it carefully and very slowly to draw away from her as far as possible. When bathing, going to the sea we must look very carefully at his feet. You can find a variety of sea urchin, but if you step on it, you no good.

Another species of arthropods, inhabiting the Mediterranean sea is a fiery worms, reaching 30-40 cm in length. They have a fiery orange-red color. If you take it in your hands, you can feel the shot as if you picked up nettles. It mainly causes discomfort to divers. And it’s better to go to sea in rubber Slippers.