Goldfish (Carassius auratus auratus) is a subspecies of silver carp in the wild living in China, Japan and Korea and on some Islands.Thanks to the skills of Chinese farmers, the appearance of the live fish in the 18th century caused a sensation.Difficulty of Chinese and Japanese breeders received a large number of types of goldfish: buyvalovo (the ranch), eurohost, water eyes, Valuehost, pearl, comet, red riding hood, livingonlove (oranda), livingonlove Chinese (livingonlove red), Hiroshima, the heavenly eye, a pompom, a black telescope, China telescope, telescope calico, subukin.

Goldfish first aquarium fish. At home the goldfish are kept in ponds and pools where they can reach 30 cm (without tail), but in aquariums, as a rule, do not grow more than 15 cm.

Contain goldfish in a wide, low and a large aquarium with a soil of pebbles or coarse gravel. The acidity is not of great importance (generally goldfish of neoprene), and gestate not lower than 8°. If the fish are sluggish, immobile, you can add salt at the rate of 5-7 g/l. the oxygen Content should be high, it is recommended to purge air and frequent water changes. The long-bodied fish need more water than korodullin.The water temperature from 15 to 24°C. in Summer, you can gradually increase the temperature (to 30°).

Many obitiuaries recommend no more than 2-3 fish per gallon of water. On this basis, we can safely say that 2 gold in 10 litres of water will feel good, but if their number increase — increases the level of water pollution in the aquarium and added work for the aquarist.

Fed 2 times per day living and dry food (amount of food should be eaten in 10-20 minutes), add fresh herbs, for example, salad leaves, otherwise the goldfish will destroy all vegetation in the aquarium. Also preferably a small area to plant floating plants (duckweed, riccia). Goldfish in no case should not be overfeed.Always remember that goldfish likes to overeat.

Breeding is of great interest, especially for beginners. Producers must choose at the age of 2-3 years, and 1 female is better to have 2-3 males. Better if them in a few months, kept at low temperature. Spawning aquarium for corotating rocks 40 l, for the long-bodied breeds 60 L. the Bottom is covered with pure calcined sand, in which are planted shrubs small-leaved plants. You can try to cover the sand by the roots of the willow, branches of fir. Water ordered put up for a few hours in the sun. Spawning is stimulated with aeration, low water level (15-20 cm), increase of daylight with artificial lighting up to 12-16 hours. The temperature for the long-bodied forms is slowly increased to 16-18°, and especially korodullin veiltail forms need to 24-26°. The duration of spawning up to 3 h After spawning producers placed in a tank of the same temperature and better, it is desirable that it was illuminated by the sun. The fry derived from eggs after 3 days. After resorption of their yolk SAC first feeding nauplii of Cyclops. Sorting is carried out for the first time in months and then repeat repeatedly.