Marine nozzle

Black sea shrimp

In the list of the most popular effective tips for catching sea fish worth mentioning black sea shrimp. They belong to the class crustacea and subspecies of decapod crayfish – Decapoda. Many of them are of great forage value to fish and other aquatic organisms, and are also used for human consumption. Black sea basin is inhabited by two types of shrimp-small sandy Crangon (Crangon crangon), gray-green color and large stone palemon (Palaemon elegans), having a translucent shell. Crangon mainly lives on sandy ground and areas of the bottom with small pebbles, covered with algae and Zostera Cystoseira, at a depth of 3-30 m, where it is held in large clusters. Shrimp Crangon reach 3-5 cm in length. The palemon, or whatever it is called stone shrimp, lives on rocky bottom areas, near cliffs and large submerged ridges, overgrown with algae phillophora. Adult stone shrimp is about 7 cm in length, but long whiskers and the outgrowths of the carapace visually increase its size. This European-African shrimp was imported with the introduction of mullet and first discovered only in 1957 it is Interesting that shrimp don’t swim, and walk slowly, touching the legs, pinching the roots has algae, looking for dead animals.

Anglers appreciate the shrimp as a fairly efficient nozzle to catch all species of fish except mullet and Katran. Crematogaster at a significant disadvantage – they quickly deteriorate and fall asleep, and then they change the natural color and store them in a jar with sea water, mixed with eelgrass within 1-2 hours. Catch from the shore a sufficient number of shrimp is difficult, as it is rare to find a pier with a length of 30-60 m, where at a depth of 3-10 m and is actually the main habitat of shrimp – seaweed Phyllophora.

Local fishermen catch shrimp two ways, and only from a boat. The first method is as follows. Early in the morning in places high rocky banks, where the depth and eelgrass meadows, from the boat dipped chicken wire net with a piece of rotten meat at the bottom of the grid. After 15-20 min you can raise the gear and pull the catch. The second method is to fishing from a boat at a distance of 50-150 m from the coast after 22 hours, when using tied a long nylon cord waterproof torchlight running on the LEDs. The lantern is immersed in water to a depth of 2-3 m, and attracted to the light shrimp collect a net on a long handle.

Recently some local anglers are trying to fish imported from Denmark and Norway frozen Arctic shrimp (Pandalus borealis) the Croaker, mullet, etc. However, any sustainable results of such “catching”has not been seen. Often in the form of nozzles for catching sea mullet are mentioned fleas-Teletrade or Bo-coplay living in the thickets of Zostera, often covering the breakwaters. This nozzle is extremely inefficient due to its small size (barely telicity are placed on the hook No. 3) and of a too high jumping ability – when you try to catch the shrimp and put in a Bank has to make significant efforts.

Exotic nozzles may also include inhabiting the Black sea cancer of scale (Athanas nitescens) of the family Alpheidae. He also refers to the shrimp that has one huge claw.