Reservoirs, Construction of reservoirs

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The construction of reservoirs. Landscape ponds, garden ponds, swimming, pools, farm ponds, irrigation ponds and canals, ponds on Golf courses, pond fish, garden ponds, fire ponds, ponds in the garden .

The construction of ponds and restoration of sandy beaches, as well as their stabilization.

The waterfalls Underwater lighting Biological treatment ponds

Ponds adorn the gardens and parks, private cottages and manor areas. They are an important element of any harmonious landscape design and set the tone for everything around him. In addition, artificial lakes create a special microclimate, humidify the air and provide a cool in hot summer days.

Here critical can play a combination of styles of the surrounding landscape and the pond. Designers of the construction company “Your house” project will create a decorative pond that will fit into the style site and will give it the harmony and uniqueness. In addition, we are ready to execute all complex of works and for land improvement – ranging from gardening and landscape design, to installation of irrigation systems and lighting. The construction of artificial reservoirs is highly professional team using the latest equipment and technology,all materials meet European standards of quality and environmental friendliness.

Reservoir construction requires special professional knowledge and skills, as it includes a whole range of activities – development of preliminary design, excavation, laying and installation of cables and pipelines, the device of the reservoir and the environment. Depending on exactly how You want your future to use the pond for swimming, fish breeding or just for aesthetic pleasure – are put forward different requirements to the configuration, shape, placement and filling of the reservoir. So, for example, ponds should preferably be placed on the sun side of the site, while the streams or waterfalls will look great on North. Has its own specifics and in depth determination of the future reservoir water from the pond depth less than 80 cm in the winter should be drained. In addition to a deeper pond will be poorly viewed to the bottom, so if You want to start ornamental fish, it is better to choose a smaller version of the reservoir. On the other hand, in the large pond is easier to keep balance in the natural ecosystem, whereas in a small will require special equipment to maintain water quality and microflora.

Decorative ponds, built by specialists of our construction company, will delight You for years to come. Our best fit to the aquatic systems in the landscape, simplify maintenance and turn Your site into a fairyland.