Fish in the pond

Why is this such a lucrative business? Because fish is a valuable product, moreover, very tasty. And large buyers prefer live fish than three times already too frozen. Particularly, it relates to solid restaurants – where live fish are held in high esteem. Institutions, docked right, you can make the fish a lot of money. Fish bred in ponds or in cages – special sacks which are suspended in the water. These cages allow you to follow the fish and its reproduction. Just because fishing is not very profitable. Buying just fry or live fish in the market, you can put it in the pond and care for her. “Well-groomed” fish provides a good litter, and your “fish head” will grow exponentially. What kinds of better breed? The most popular and not particularly whimsical fish is a carp. Also in the market for a prized trout and sturgeon. In General, for delicacy of sturgeon, you can get mountains of gold. Even if the fish does not bring offspring, she is gaining about a kilogram of weight per season, taking into account that her well-fed and contained. Water fish need clean, so you will need to purchase a water filter. So how do you keep the fish in your own pond?

Already have a pond, you go for the fish. On the Bazaar, in a specialty store (where, as you know, proven product). In any case, better bought the fish a few days to keep in the tank with water from your pond, to see whether they are healthy. If the fish will be sick, it will infect the others “promoitalia”. Brought the fish cannot immediately be placed in the pond because definitely will affect the temperature difference, and the fish will go into shock state. Fish must not be closely – not less than 50 litres of water even for small, young fish. Now about the food. Actually, in the natural environment fish will find something to eat, and if your pond is not new, almost all of them will discover in the water – and that which grows on the bottom, various algae, and what appears on the surface – for example, insect larvae and insects. However, if you have just updated your pond, it is empty like a blank sheet, and the fish needs to be fed. In pet stores offer a variety of food for fish – worms, loose, in the form of flakes. Ready to feed is already balanced nutrients and minerals for rapid growth of fish. In General, almost any worms and midges will appeal to your pet. If you feed a prepared food, make sure that it was not too much, otherwise it will sink to the bottom and rot. For example, hlopievidnyi food need to fill so that within ten minutes it swept clean. There are special oxygen-containing feed, which prevent the settling to the bottom. Clean the pond, watch the population, with the temperature – it should be stable, around 10 degrees Celsius. Feed your fish daily. Not difficult, but what is profitable.

About the benefits of fish and say nothing. After all, fish is a source of calcium and phosphorus, which are contained in it in large quantities. Therefore, in fish many vitamins, in particular vitamins A and E. Fish rich in valuable fats and protein, and fish protein, although it is similar to an animal, is digested twice as easier by our body. The last time the fish was just the Queen of useful products due to the fact that it was found valuable fatty acid omega-three. It treats heart disease, virtually any inflammation and even reduces weight. Of course, raw fish is in any case can not – it is the parasites who crave heat treatment. The benefits of fish are huge. And breeding is absolutely not troublesome. A pond can decorate trees.