The biggest ever caught sharks – planet Earth

What the angler wants to catch big fish. The hunt for a large “beast” some organize in order to qualify for the record, others just want to show off their catch among fishermen friends. But whatever the purpose, to get yourself this trophy to the collection.

The larger the fish the harder to catch, and standard gear here is not enough. “Oak” fishing rod and fishing line, able to withstand the maximum load, give at least some chance that the fish will not pass by, after waving tail. One of the most desired trophy for many anglers is the catfish — the largest freshwater fish waters. Those who live near the ocean, choose a bigger prey and are hunting or accidentally catch its main predators — sharks. We were able to find 10 largest sharks that are caught “on the hook”.

The weight of the sharks: unknown

In 1945, during a planned fishing in the Gulf of Mexico 6 fishermen accidentally caught the dangerous for the human species of sharks — white shark. The length of carcharodon was 6.4 meters. In honor of the village, where they were born, trophy fishermen have called “monster of Cojimar”.

The shark weight: 807 kg.

Walter Maxwell wrote his name in history as the fisherman who was lucky enough to catch one of the biggest tigrovaja. In Myrtle beach, South Carolina, in 1964, his production was 807-pound tiger shark. His record no one could surpass 40 years.

The shark weight: 810 kg.

At the moment the current absolute record for the biggest weight ever caught a tiger shark belongs to Kevin James Clapson. Off the coast Ulladulla, Australia, in March 2004, a fisherman caught a tiger shark weighing 810 kg.

The weight of the sharks: unknown

In 1983 in the network fisherman David Makkendrika in the district of Prince Edward island caught a great white shark. In the network hit the female with a length of 6.1 meter. The shark is in the top most large sharks that have been measured by specialists of the Center for the study of sharks in Canada.

The shark weight: 907 kg.

In 2012, after another Mexican fishing fisherman returned a local hero. His main catch, for which he went to the sea of Cortez, became a 907-pound great white shark. The shark was 6 meters.

The shark weight: 1208 kg.

One of the largest caught shark reported by the International agencies Association of fish and game, the shark was caught by Alf Dean. On the coast of the Australian RAAF Curtin in 1959, a fisherman caught a 5-meter shark weighing 1208 kg.

The shark weight: 1520 kg.

Glory hunter of sharks in 1992 went to dione Gilmour. Off the coast of South Australia he pulled out of the ocean shark weighing 1520 kg. and a length of 5.2 meters.

The shark weight: 1750 kg.

The efforts of the 10 fishermen in 2012 in Taiwan was caught great white shark weighing 1750 kg. and a length of 6 meters. Inhabitant of the underwater depths was so heavy that the fishermen had to drag him on Board the vessel for an hour.

The shark weight: 2041 kg.

To catch a great white shark in 1964, among other things, Frank Mundus it took five harpoons. After 5 hours of confrontation, the shark gave up. Weight production amounted to 2041 kg.

The weight of the sharks: 2306 kg.

In 1970 the island Phillip was caught the largest weight of the shark in history. The weight of the shark with a length of 6.2 meters amounted 2306 kg. Although this is an absolute record, many are putting it into question, because before the shark was caught, she managed to eat a tight seal, the remains of which were found in her stomach.