Fishing on spinning

Fishing for spinning is one of the most common ways of catching fish, which is very honored and time-tested, popular with fishermen. The essence of the spinning method of fishing the fish are arranged on a simple, but very effective, the principle of using the grasping instincts of predatory fish species. For this angler using a rod equipped with a reel throws into the pond the bait-blende, it may be as a spinner, Twister, lure, and something else. After that, he slowly winds up the line on the spool, the bait in this case emits in the water the fish that the predator finds easy prey and unable to resist the instinct, grabs her and immediately gets hooked.

Spinning among Russian anglers began to spread about since the eighties of the last century, once in some magazines devoted to nature and fisheries, such as the “Herald of the Russian fisherman-angler” and “Nature and hunting”, we began to publish articles by various authors, one of whom was Pavel G. Cherkasov, who was the President of the Russian Union of fishermen, the angler fish. In these articles describing a different technique fishing with spinning tackle and, of course, various spinning lures that were used for fishing.

Post-October coup, when fishing became a mass phenomenon, gaining a truly popular phenomenon, in addition to articles about fishing spinning, began to appear specialized books devoted to this type of fishing. The authors of these books were so famous in the fishing environment, people as Kunilov, Laputin, Nicholas, Kolganov and others, and with their release in the environment, anglers fishermen significantly arrived. However, after many years, books have not lost their relevance, and in them you can find many more helpful tips for beginners in artificial lure fishing, and are quite successful in this exciting business.

Fishing on spinning very exciting, and with proper treatment the fisherman with the tackle and a good knowledge of the habits and habits of various predatory fish species and often very effective. But it is worth noting that often: beginner Rybalov, buying a spinning tackle, overlooks the pond, not having studied the fundamentals of basic techniques and after several unsuccessful casts, as they say, and throws himself spinning, disappointed in this way of catching fish. But it is actually not the fishing, not the methods and technology of casting are not something exceptional. No not that complicated, it is only necessary at the outset to understand the simple principles laid out in this exciting fishing. And of course you need to choose the right spinning, not tricky to master the technique of casting and fishing you provided.

This simple, of course, at first glance, the way fishing for a predator to focus on this resource. Here you will find different materials about fishing on spinning, which we hope will please you, our dear reader, and you will become a regular visitor, find here a lot of interesting and useful information.