The compatibility of aquarium fish. The Council

Taking the decision to start an aquarium, it is very important to take care of is to populate the aquarium with compatible species of fish. Otherwise some fish will hunt for others or eat their food, while others will be constantly in danger. So the compatibility of aquarium fish is a very important factor that should take into account the novice aquarists.

It is known that in nature, the coexistence of different species is regulated in a natural way: for each other fish just will not be settling there. But in the aquarium by the will of man predatory and peaceful fish have to be “neighbors” that usually leads to problems: the strong eat the weak, and the number of inhabitants of the aquarium has been steadily declining.

However, not only in danger of eating some types of fish other lies the reason for the incompatibility aquarium fish among themselves. There are also problems related to the content of different species of fish in the aquarium associated with different needs for water parameters, the size of the available area, presence of aquatic plants, etc.

How do you determine which species of aquarium fish compatible? Beginners usually it is not easy, but fortunately, there are a lot of tips from experienced hobbyists that will help to find the right solution. For example, there is a whole range of criteria, giving a good idea whether this one or another fish-specific aquarium.

Thus, her fish will not be compatible with other fish if it is too high or too low compared to the rest. Big fish other aquarium inhabitants will be afraid, even if it is not predatory, and small can suffer from the aggression of larger fish.

Fish will not be compatible with other aquarium inhabitants, if the required size of her personal space exceeds the limit that can allow the aquarium. Therefore, almost all territorial fish are best kept separate.

If the fish likes strangers breaking off the fins, it has no place in the aquarium, which is inhabited by the damsels of the long beautiful fins. Similarly, to settle and fish with long fins in a fish tank full of those who like to try a fin to the other. So both should try to settle separately.

Depending on whether a General or species aquarium, you can decide what fish in this tank will get along the best way. So, experienced aquarists recommend for a community aquarium to look at fishes such as tetras hiding, sword, rose and ruby tetras, fire barbs, neons, carnegiella. But in aquaria species can, for example, to place the cichlids (Oscars, eight-lane cichlasoma, cichlasoma Meeka) or live-bearing fish (guppies, swordtails, black mollies).

Separately worth mentioning about the compatibility of the fish in the so-called geographical aquariums they reproduced the natural habitat conditions for fish certain areas. Usually fish living together in the natural pond, can live with each other in the aquarium, but it is worth remembering that the size of the aquarium is extremely small compared to a river or lake, so the fish may simply not be enough space for a comfortable coexistence.

To determine the compatibility of aquarium fish, you can go by experience and practice to figure out if the combination of fish together. But in order not to waste time and do not risk the health or life of aquarium fish, you can use verified information from experienced hobbyists, for example, the compatibility of aquarium fish .

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