Shark – interpretation of dream

You expect problems you can solve only if you are confident in your own abilities and friends. Otherwise — the collapse of all plans. However, if this dream you will dream in the night from Thursday to Friday, you can be assured — you will find success and profit.

Shark in a sea of blood — to win, you will have to resort to something drastic. But victory won’t come to you easily — you will regret some aspects of their struggle. A shark, tearing prey, means that you have a choice between love and career.

To see yourself in the water with sharks — emergency illness.

If the water is clean and warm, you quickly get rid of this kind of trouble.

If the water is dark and there’s nothing you can do for your sewn, you can expect serious health problems.

If in the dream you go across the bridge and down in the water I see a lot of sharks, awaits a risky deal, be especially careful during the first 3 days.

Seeing a shark in the aquarium — you expect a big change in your personal life; if you are alone, you may soon you decide on a serious step — marriage or marriage. Your marriage will be successful, don’t doubt your decision. Family people this dream means that trouble this month you will no longer have.

To dream of the incredible size of the shark means that you are at serious risk, you do not even know.

If you see a shark fin — apparently, you think too well about one of his new friends. And naivety is not always a good quality. Show more objectivity in assessing people. Otherwise one of your friends may cause you trouble. Attacking shark — beware. You can quarrel with a loved one and long to part with it.

The machine can be taxied from the corner, and the Elevator is stuck for a long time. So pay attention to your relationship with a loved one and otherwise attempt to mitigate the looming conflict.

If a shark in a dream floating away from you in the near future you, completely without realizing it, will cause his enemies significant damage that temporarily unsettles them. Your spontaneity will serve an excellent service. A flock of small sharks — some of your friends have appeared hidden enemies. They want to lower your credibility. Perhaps you did it to annoy them unbeknownst to you, and now they intend to retaliate. Enlist the support of friends. In the near future is not worth anyone to fight, it can play against you the Dream in which you will see shark teeth, just screams: “Beware! Fierce the enemy at dawn! Danger!”, since sharks are not only awake, but in sleep are very dangerous enemies.

If you dream that you are on the boat, and swim near sharks and Express their aggression, so must prepare some serious trouble (it is possible that you can guess what).

If marine predator just frolic in the clear and clean water, it means that someone from your surroundings (perhaps even one of the relatives) caught in the black envy and quietly but surely trying to deprive you of peace and happiness. Be alert, pay attention to every sideways glance thrown your way (especially a woman). It is best to dream of a dead shark is a sure sign that the enemy you killed and now awaits only the well-being and peace.