Exotic marine fish: Fish is a philosopher

Alectis albacore (Alectis ciliaris; international name African pompano; English name – thread-finned trevally) fish or a philosopher. This original and unusual representative of the family Lavrinovich widely distributed in subtropical and tropical waters of all oceans; primarily dwells among the coral reefs of the Indian and Western Pacific ocean.

Covered with small scales, or even “naked” body of a fish-philosopher has a rhomboidal shape and strongly compressed laterally. Subspecies of alectis that can be bred in captivity, can reach a body length of 50 cm in the oceans as maximum body length of these fish is 150 cm Color is a cold color scale: upper body colour is dark blue, below silvery; on the sides there are transverse stripes of dark metallic colors, and at the base of the longest rays is a small blue-black spots. The caudal peduncle of the fish-philosopher short, thin and ends with seroquelcialis fin.

Young individuals are characterized by greatly elongated filiform appendages of the rays of the dorsal and anal fins; the length of these spikes can exceed the length of the body even half. Age and growth of fish, they are shortened, and then completely disappear. These processes create a unique exotic fish and attract connoisseurs and lyuteranska aquariums. Alectis the albacore is a pelagic fish that leads a gregarious way of life.

Young individuals can be an attractive aquarium fish. But the owners need to take into account their high vulnerability and vulnerability; neighbors such fish in any case should not be aggressive (such as surgeons, butterflies, triggerfish, and others). Otherwise peaceful and calm fish-the philosopher risks losing his lovely long rays, as well as the feeding site. But it is undesirable to inhabit nearby small fish, which become food for the adult fish-philosophers.

Alectis albacore as marine fish need lots of space, so the aquarium must be at least 400 l aquarium Lighting should not be too bright, preferably secondary. It is preferable to plant aquarium plants with short stems, like a fish-philosopher can get lost in them by his luchevidnaya spikes.

Juveniles are often kept in the surface layers of water, so the fish philosopher would feel more comfortable if the design of a marine aquarium will be provided by the islets floating on the water surface algae. Also at the discretion of the owner can arrange for fish shelter, best spacious capacity: it can be a pot or an artificial cylinder.

In nature, fish-philosophers feed on small invertebrates, sessile or weakly motile crustaceans, sometimes small fish or crabs. In captivity they will suit frozen seafood, bloodworms, chopped earthworms, brine shrimp, Tubifex, dry flake food.

Thorough and gentle care for the fish-philosophers will require the owners of remarkable efforts, however, the works are to enjoy the contemplation of a slow, calm and serene procession through the aquarium fish-philosopher, it speeds his penetrating gaze off into the distance, contemplating this amazing and extraordinary in its beauty and exotic fish.

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