Marine fish for aquarium
Intellectual work has long required special attention to non-pecuniary costs for its implementation. To put it simply, in order to calm your nerves after a long stay at the computer…

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The inhabitants of the Caspian sea. Animals of the Caspian sea is represented by 1809 species, of which 415 are vertebrates. In the Caspian sea registered 101 species of fish,…

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Compatible aquarium fish – Aquarium fish – articles Directory

Compatible aquarium fish – this is the burning question that is desired by many aquarists. And no matter who You are – beginner or experienced aquarist, when deciding on the settlement of the aquarium, You automatically emerge associated worries about compatibility and wilczewski fish with each other.

Compatible aquarium fish – a vast topic, controversial, highly individual for each. So around it there are a lot of discussions, disputes and disagreements.

Well, will try in this article to systematize this issue and how you can fully discover his

For starters, let’s look at the basic rules of selection of aquarium fish

When choosing aquarium fish primarily take into account their compatibility:

there fish are not compatible with each other;

– there are fish regarding compatible ;

– is fully compatible ;

2. Choosing a specific type of aquarium fish in a pet shop, rate their state of health (fish must not be limp, pale, etc.). Rate the degree of aggressiveness of a particular fish (even if this kind of peaceful fish, sometimes come across too aggressive types, for example, similar behavior often occurs in the blue gourami).

3. When buying fish, observe their characteristics and intraspecific aggression. For example, “harem” fish, one male need to take a couple of the Samokov Vice versa for fish such as Danio or barbs need to take the flock, in which will be dominated by males.

4. Fish swim in different water layers: some in the lower layer, someone on the average, and someone at the top. So Your tank does not look empty . pick up the fish living in different water layers. Often, this rule also works when the relative compatibility of fish and even sometimes when you don’t compatibility. For example, zebrafish can live with cichlids small and medium size, only because they are smart and swim in the upper layers of the aquarium, without disturbing the cichlids.

6. As a General rule, advisable to keep large fish with large, sedentary to sedentary, nimble with nimble. 5. When choosing and buying fish, be sure to consider comfort settings for their water content. You cannot combine the fish with different demands – one will be hot and the other cold, one needs soft water, and the other, Vice versa for harder.

7. If Your aquarium will be “herbivorous” fishes, keep this in mind when buying plants. In this case it is better to have artificial plants or sclerophyllous plants, and fish to buy inexpensive plants or to breed duckweed.

8. There is one more rule! If the fish are relatively compatible, and You very well, I want “this and that”. Note that it is best to buy and plant in the aquarium these fish both juvenile (fry). In this case, the fish, though not very friendly to each other, but as they say can be”run”.

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