FISHING IN the BLACK SEA: fishing for flounder, mullet, garfish and other fish

If you are tired of lying all day on the beach, wander excursions, fishing is one of the wonderful leisure activities. There are plenty to choose: in the Black sea is home to 167 species of fish. Catch most of all – the mullet with its varieties, Croaker, seabass and lofar, the network catches flounder, horse mackerel, spiny dogfish (a small shark), barbula, pelengas, crab. The most common way of fishing for garfish on the Black sea.

One of the popular fish – goby, by the way, today it is found also in Central Russia, where more known under the name of rotan – the fish has a large head. In the Black sea is home to 10 species, including the largest steer martovich, and the most numerous are the round goby, least common goby lynx. Fishing in the Black sea begins in March, after the winter storms. The most abundant gobies Feodosia Bay is a stone shoals, breakwaters, piers. Citizens catch straight from the dock.

Not less than when fishing for flatfish in the Black sea. The fish is characterized by a flat body; if bury in the sand, it is difficult to see. In summer and in winter it lives in depth, in autumn, in spring in shallow water. The largest flounder – Kalkan up to 70 cm in length and 16 kg weight. The smaller fish – Glossa, has a length of 30 cm. people catch her at the Sivash.

Catenative another sea dog. Katran fishing – small shark danger for people is not. The weight reaches 15 kg. Very useful for bronchitis and impaired vision is considered a fat the liver of this fish. Fishing on Black sea marine dog boat actual from March to April and from November to December in the Kerch Peninsula.

But lofar – name the most obscure. It is a predatory fish from Perciformes. Inhabits the North-Western Black sea. Bluefish fishing is fishing, thanks to its culinary qualities.

Fish with a funny name barbula (red mullet) refers to mullets (Kostya to Odessa, perhaps it was brought by barges). Fishing for red mullet in the Black sea begins when flowering acacia.

Sea fishing on the Black sea requires knowledge, skill, equipment. There are databases which do this. For example, a fishing base in Western Crimea Vitino (18 km from Evpatoria) or 70 km from Sochi in Lazarevskoye. Bases have their own boats. Here fishing for mullet and Katran. Fishing for garfish in the Black sea also gathers the largest number of fishermen in these places.

Fishing is the peace and quiet, the joy of the catch, picturesque sea views – everything you’ve been dreaming of!