7 most amazing inhabitants of Antarctica

4 July 1819 from Kronstadt went on a circumnavigation of the sloop “Mirny” and “Vostok”. The result of the expedition was the discovery of Antarctica. We decided to compile a list of the most interesting animals that inhabit this continent.

Weddell seal – the southernmost not only beast, but also one of the most endearing animals. Pretty faces of these large-eyed mammals can be admired for hours. Seal inhabits the entire coast of Antarctica, the number is estimated at about one million individuals. This animal is a beautiful diver. Adult seals can hold their breath for an hour and is able to forage for food at depths of 800 meters.

Blue, or Blue, whale . inhabiting the waters of the southern ocean, is not just one of the animals that have managed to adapt to life in harsh conditions. This is primarily from the most giant animals on our planet is now inhabited and ever. Its length can reach four hundred feet, and the weight often exceeds 150 tons. Compared with humans, this animal looks like a giant floating mountain. One only the heart of a whale may weigh more than a ton. Unfortunately, as a result of uncontrolled whaling a huge number of blue whales have been destroyed, but now their numbers are slowly recovering.

Emperor penguin is one of the largest birds on the planet Earth. These animals poselyaetsya of cliffs and rocks, live in huge colonies, often numbering up to ten thousand individuals. Also of interest and habits of penguins, their method of obtaining food and how they raise their offspring. It is also one of the most hardy animals on planet earth – in the places of their reproduction, the temperature often does not rise higher than minus fifty degrees.

Giant Petrel – a bird of prey that can feed the fish sometimes preys on penguins and petrels. This bird is a great traveler. During the migration season it is capable of using the power of the wind, flying around the earth.

Great Skua is an Antarctic gull, she flies well, the same is even more tenacious and hardy. The bird is able to survive and reproduce at low temperatures. Mainly feeds on fish, but usually does what takes away the fish from the less agile birds.

The southern elephant seal is one of the largest subspecies of seals. The adults reach sizes of three feet and weigh up to two and a half tons. Interesting is the fact that fat in this animal much more than meat, which is not surprising considering at what temperatures he needs to exist. Known for its elephant seals mating and fighting, during which they can seriously hurt each other.

The sea leopard is a dangerous predator that inhabits the waters of the southern ocean, during the winter sailing to the coast of Australia. To be a predator of this animal allows it is a thin layer of fat and muscle. Because of this, he is quite agile and can kill seals, large fish, penguins. Do not hesitate to take the sea leopard and the meat of dead whales. But for thin subcutaneous fat have to pay less resistant to cold.