Summer fishing


In the middle belt of the European part of Russia in the first two decades of June catch:

on mugs – walleye (better late at night and at dawn), pike, perch;

spinning – walleye, pike, bass (best of rivers), ASP, Chub;

float fishing rods – walleye in lakes and reservoirs, on the slopes of deep, snag pits on small bait fish, and in rivers have steep banks and among the piles;the pike on the edges of the thickets of grass morning, evening dawns; large perch and walleye – fry, worm, meat shells; carp, crucian carp, Rudd (before spawning) – a worm, maggots, bread crumb;

bottom fishing rods – catfish (before spawning) – Nightcrawler live bait, meat linuxero cancer or shells;

in the wiring – roach and Chub – on pearl barley, peas, oats, wheat, maggots, herbs;

fly fishing of Chub, IDE, ASP – at June beetle, dragonflies, butterflies.

By the end of the month when the rich feed waters to catch the big fish becomes more problematic, because it becomes more legible to the nozzles. Best catch in cloudy warm days with weak winds and after a short rain storm.


In July, the water warms up much, the massively developing microscopic algae. Starts blooms. These vodorosl, otmiraya and decomposing spoil the water. Fish starts to hurt and stops catching.In some reservoirs there are even Zamora.

However, you can catch throughout the month spinning – walleye and perch in deep holes, pike – water in thickets, is better for the rope.

Especially interesting and exciting fishing for Zander carpet and fly fishing in rivers where they are found in large numbers. Good catch from boats, rafts float fishing rods – bream, carp and perch (deep), perch on small live bait on the outputs of Yam (late evening and before sunrise), and small fish among aquatic vegetation – worms and maggots; bottom fishing rods – perch, IDE and Chub – in the deep places, near thickets; in the wiring – pike and perch on small live bait, IDE and bream on worm.

On hot, sultry days the fish are sluggish and not, and on cloudy warm days fished in all day.


In August improved perch fry on spinning and on track, especially in lakes and large reservoirs; IDE and Chub in the rivers of the toad. You can fish for this nozzle as perch and pike. Successful catching roach on a grasshopper among aquatic vegetation.

By the end of the month the water temperature in the reservoirs is reduced due to the onset of rains, the algae die, the water becomes more transparent. Predatory fish are harder to hunt stronger by this time the juveniles. This explains the increased bite of some predatory fish to fry. Thus, arriving at the place of fishing, you should install in your pond can be a predatory fish at a depth at shallow, near grass, near the shore or in the middle. For example, seasoned catfish, old pike, Zander and perch live in deep snag holes and gullies, under the steep banks with slow flows or eddies, in deep pools. Chub and Chub like to stand around bridges, piles, foundations, sunken boats, under the dam.