Monkfish or sea Scorpion, from the squad utilisateurs, has a repulsive appearance. He has a huge head, which is the half length of all fish, with big sharp-toothed mouth, mercilessly swallowing the prey: conger eel, red mullet, even small sharks and thousands of sea birds. Monkfish occurs at depths of 600 m. Length: 200 cm, weight:30 – 40 kg monkfish grows to one and a half to two meters, weighs on average 20 kg. his Body flattened on top, and it’s covered with leathery growths, like algae, pieces of driftwood and stones. On the head, behind the eyes, a sea devil is a knot with a glowing “lantern” on the end.

The sea devils are extremely ugly – giant head, giant mouth, bare skin (of all udenstvertne). In the dorsal fin anglerfish 6 rays, of which half are in the head, and these three beams are not connected with each, and is the seventh ray-the fishing rod.

The taste of monkfish

White, dense, devoid of bone and extremely tender meat of this fish can make the honor of any holiday table. It is suitable for frying and pieces revealed in the shape of a butterfly, or for frying in the grill, diced and impaled on skewers, and for boiling and stewing. Monkfish is especially popular in France, where the meat of its tail is cooked in a variety of ways, such as cooked vegetables, and the head, if you are able to get used for soup.

Why monkfish is called the”tail fish”

With the head of a monster fishermen straighten out quickly. From fish remains edible almost one tail coming into the market free from the skin. Therefore, monkfish is often called the “tail” of the fish, whose white, dense, devoid of bone and extremely tender meat can make the honor of any holiday table. Being a master of disguise, monkfish, with its dark, often mottled, upper part of the body, almost invisible against the bottom of shallow coastal waters, among the rocks, pebbles and fucus. There he usually likes to lie, podkaraulivaya prey. On both sides of the head, on the edge of the jaw and lips fringed hanging shreds of skin, wiggling in the water, like algae. On each side there are wide fins, and on the back of thin spines with nodular thickening at the end, luring the victim. This sea monster can reach 2 m and weighs 30-40 kg. are available for sale is usually less than large specimens. But this size monkfish could swallow quite a large fish. They say, in the belly of one monkfish length 65 cm found young cod length 58 cm monkfish is found in many seas, mainly in the Atlantic and the North sea, all the way to Iceland.

And monkfish is called the “frog” – but that he is able to jump

Sometimes while hunting monkfish moves very unusual: he jumps on the bottom, pushing the pectoral fins. For this and called it “legway”.

Most time sea devil lies at the bottom. In such an unusual way he hunts. Merging with the bottom, due to protective coloration and leathery lobes, monkfish lures her prey loperamide bait-eskih, trembling on the end of the fishing rod is illicit – the seventh ray of the dorsal fin, which is on the head. The fish lies on the bottom motionless. Monkfish is able to hold your breath for a few minutes. When the prey swims up to the hunter, angler in a fraction of a second opens the mouth and with noise sucks back the water together with the victim.