Which fish to choose for the aquarium

If you are a novice aquarist, one of the main issues when selecting the fish will be compatibility of various kinds. Let’s see, how to cope with this task. So, new players are recommended to have aquariums the size of 60-100 litres. The number of fish the size of five cm in this tank will be about 35-60 (with the compressor).

There are several groups undemanding fish that do not require special care..

Pelleve: guppies, swordtails, mollies, platies. These unpretentious live-bearing fish are very popular among beginners. Big plus – they are easy to breed, it is only necessary to isolate the fry in time (and then eat).

Characins: neons, tetras, ternary (black Tetra). These fish are more capricious than pelleve, but you can pick up some simple content types (Tetra lemon, ternary)

Carp – Danio, cardinal, barbs, goldfish.

Catfish. Of catfish can be purchased ancistrus, they perfectly get on with all types. Aquarists love them for what catfish collected organic debris from the walls of the aquarium and thus “clean” glass.

Labyrinth fishes: gourami, cock, dwarf gourami. These varieties are also unpretentious in the content, get along well with most peaceful species. With the cockerels should be careful – they are by nature bullies.

Cichlids.Very aggressive fish, many species do not get along even among themselves. They are recommended to include in your own aquarium. To get a “zichlinek” better after you have experienced your strength. The exception to this group are, perhaps, angelfish.

To make better fish of the same family – they all blend perfectly with each other. Between the groups of possible such combinations:

Angelfish live together peacefully in the same aquarium with tetras. When combined with the neon should be aware that the angelfish may eat the fry neon.

Barbs are not aggressive and can be combined with all, except the goldfish.

In addition, you should choose the right types are about the same size. When the content of the active and slow fish last may not have enough food, and they will stay hungry. Goldfish are very attractive in appearance, but it should be remembered that any active view will be luxury breaking off their fins. In addition, they grow quickly and soon they will need a wider areolas habitat – about 40 litres per specimen.

Examples of the combination of species in one aquarium.

The first option. Neons, small tetras, guppies, gourami.

The second option. Danio, swordtails, mollies, medium-sized tetras.

Third option. Barbs, gourami.

Fourth option. Angelfish, dwarf gourami, catfish-synodontis.

Aggressive species may vary depending on conditions. It is clear that the more fish in the aquarium, the more difficult it will peaceful species. In gregarious species (neons, tetras) aggressiveness manifested in solitary confinement. It is recommended to plant them in flocks of 5-6 birds.

In General, every aquarium is individual and unique. Try different combinations on your own experience and choose the most successful of them. Good luck to you in creating your own fascinating underwater world!