Aquarium fish

If you want to have fish, you need to start to equip with it a place of residence in your home. And so, the first thing you need is to purchase a aquarium. They are now very much, they have a different shape, different water capacity from liters to two hundred liters of water, the outdoor aquariums are those which have a large volume of water. But if you think that I chose the aquarium and all the fish run, then you are wrong because most people.

The most important condition is the design of the aquarium, and its content. The house fish, in which they can hide from prying eyes, shells, seashells of different sizes and shapes. Definitely need a lot of green algae are of different sizes fit. But the most important thing in the aquarium is not the stones and algae, and the filter for the water that will signal that the aquarium is dirty.

Lighting is essential for both you and for the inhabitants of the aquarium. Nowadays there are many different sensors which will facilitate you to care for fish. It must also be remembered that prior to filling the aquarium algae should consult with experts in this field, because General relativity or another type of fish adapted to different types of algae. It is very important that the aquarium was attended by embers, which will saturate the water with vitamins, useful for normal prozhivayushih fish.

If you with the help of experts had finished to set up an aquarium you can fill with the special water and run fish. It must be remembered that the selection of fish is a very responsible occupation, because different type of fish cannot exist in the same area.

Here are a few examples of such fish:

Fish slider or as it is called Anabas

Fish slide

Fish – the slide is not very friendly, you might say pugnacious fish, as it is considered predatory, but with all that, she’s pretty shy.

Synodontis-shifter for keeping this fish in an aquarium, you must know some rules, for example the tank should be 50 liters with plants. In the aquarium should definitely be snags, tube cover and so on. To feed a goldfish also need a special, it eats only vegetation and live food exclusively.

Fish Botsiya Morlet likes to hide in the snags, it is extremely gregarious, do not like loneliness. To contain such a fish need in an aquarium with a capacity of 200 liters, and the light should not be bright.

But the cherry barb is a very peaceful schooling fish, but she’s shy. She needs to live only in a closed aquarium, ambiem from 20 liters and dim the top light. To feed her need only live bloodworms and dry flaky feed.

Decoration for any aquarium will become a goldfish, she needs 50 litres of water per person, a favorite pastime of this wonderful fish is to dig in the soil, respectively, and the aquarium should be filled with pebbles or coarse sand. It should be kept with peaceful fish. And the feeding will not be easy, the fish, eat a lot and with great pleasure.

Very beautiful and truly fabulous fish this Oranda Red riding hood, to live a fish can in a light tank, its volume shall be not less than 80 liters, and algae should be tverdolysti. To eat Oranda loves only vegetable food such as lettuce or spinach. And that’s not the whole list.

As we can see, for different fish require different habitat conditions, and not always they can be placed in the same aquarium.

Carefully study the breeds of fish, their living conditions, that would be so bright and interesting Pets can comfortably live in your home.