The planting of plants and fish

First into the pond the plants are planted, then, after a month, when they take root, run fish. Otherwise the fish biting the sheets you could tear out plants by the roots. An important group of plants are plants exonerator that prevent water pollution, provide food and spawning grounds for fish. Underwater leaves absorb minerals and carbon dioxide, which serve as food for green algae. These include twrch (Hottonia), lagarosiphon (Laga-rosiphon), Urrutia (Myriophyllum), pondweed (Potamo-geton), Buttercup (Ranunculus) and tilley (Tillaea). Sometimes, to curb the growth of some plants such as watch, cattails, cottongrass bulrush, iris, etc. they are grown in special baskets. In the pond area of 6 m will put one or two water lilies, submerged fifteen and about ten coastal plants. Strongly growing species are planted in containers to limit their growth and not allow them to “score” the weaker plants. Very good for this purpose, the plastic slatted receptacles semicircular shape (they are more appropriate than rectangular, to rounded lines finished oval pond).

The presence of fish in the pond is desirable, but not required, as this usually has little effect on the maintenance of the purity of water. The question often arises, how many fish can be kept in sadovomu. The number of fish in a pond depends on the saturation of water with oxygen, and this is due to the surface area of the pond. There is a rule: at least 50 l of water for fish the length of a finger. You can also adhere to the following rules: 0.1 m of surface water shall be 2.5 cm of body length of fish. When the density of the fish are not crowded and have enough oxygen. If you are not strapped for cash, you might want to purchase expensive and beautiful koi. Unfortunately, these fish need special conditions – the surface area of the pond not less than 7.5 m and a depth of not less than 1.2 m. At the other end of the scale are hardy and unassuming goldfish and shubunkin. Between koi and goldfish is Golden Orff, which required a pond with a surface area of at least 4 m. it is Better to populate the pond with bright red, yellow, orange and white fish. Fish bought in the late spring – early summer, when the temperature of the water in the pond reaches at least 10 °C. it is Better to buy fish of medium size (8-12 cm), care of smaller fish associated with some difficulties, while larger fish are more expensive and quite difficult to get used to new conditions. Buy multiple copies of the same species, as in solitude, fish are restless. Just purchased the fish not immediately let into the pond. Jar or plastic bag in which they are imported, you need to let float on the water of the pond to compensate for possible temperature differences, can lead fish in a state of shock.

Experts advise not to put straight into the pond acquired by individuals, and the first week to keep them in an aquarium with pond water to determine whether they are healthy. Generally, fish purchased in specialized shops, free of parasites and the risk of infection is small. At first it is better to run in a pond of goldfish shubunkins, you can later add other fish species. Carp koi other regulations – one fish at 2.5 m. the Pond is ready to move the fish one month after planting in a plant.