Ornamental Pond In The Garden

During the construction of an artificial pond, you must define its location and shape. In most situations, the pond give the correct geometric lines. It can be round, oval or square. When choosing a place, you need to find the site, which does not have a fully open site, and was missing a large amount of green space. You should avoid sudden changes of terrain.

Getting to the digging of the pond, it is necessary to provide, for what purpose you will use it. If he will perform only a decorative role, and fish are there to be found will not, then you need to take into account the depth of the freezing water. It is approximately 80-100 cm is why a fish pond must have a depth of about 2 meters for 30% of its surface area. In other cases the ponds deep digging impossible. They must have a depth of about 80 cm. the reason is that a large amount of water will adversely affect the film, and that of the high pressure will be torn.

The bottom of the pond should be sharp. Better make it step, as with this arrangement the pressure of the water will be distributed more evenly. It will also be a step towards safeguarding the integrity of the film. Creating a decorative pond. should chastinskogo pits of 15-20 cm at the edges. They will help to more firmly attach insulating film material.

The next stage is laying of the film. She should firmly seal the bottom of an artificial pond. If the material lacks in width, use the special glue to secure. To attach the membrane fabric to the shore in two ways: it can either lay the stones, or bury. At this stage it will be necessary to create a corner coupling. It will monitor the process of draining water from the pond. Then attach the cleaning device and pump to fill with water.

At this stage ends the most difficult point of construction. After all the necessary equipment is already installed, you’ll need to start pouring water. Will become an integral part of the plant for the pond. The design of the pond are several species of plants – water, shallow water zone, swamp zone, zone of garden. Their landing can be enjoyed in the fall or spring, as this is the optimal time for planting. Further decoration is a matter of your imagination. It is possible to use anything you find in the area from great boulders to unnecessary iron products. The pond is decorated with lights, lights is colorful and works in different modes of illumination (adjustable by control panel). It is not rare in the pond are throwing fountains or cascading waterfalls. Waterfalls can be made from natural or artificial stone. The fountains can operate in different modes, the spray of water fountain chosen based on the size of the pond. The capacity of the pump is also chosen based on these criteria, often used model – OASE. Maybe you are your pond is not just decorrelate but also will lead fishes that can be both decorative and river. In the cold season the fish is retrieved from the pond and the pond is drained.

Now on your site your own decorative pond. It not only beautifies it, but also creates a favorable microclimate.