Starfish is a wonderful marine animals that have a variety of color, shape and volume, although they are all similar in appearance to a star. Some of them smooth, some with spines all over his body and smooth cock from the back side. If you look at the star from below, become visible its tubular legs. Learn more about these interesting animals!

I. Starfish- not a fish

Sea stars live underwater, but they are not fish. They lack the Gill and fins, and they move differently. Fish move with the help of the tail, and the stars help little feet-tubes, helping them to navigate the bottom.

II. Sea stars are echinoderms marine animals mind

This means that they have something in common with sea urchins. All echinoderms have the shape of a star, i.e., its body is divided into 5 rays, located around the center.

III. There are thousands of varieties of sea stars

Know about 2000 species of sea stars. They live in tidal areas or at great depths in the tropics or colder regions.

IV. Not all stars have 5 rays

Although more popular sea stars with 5 rays, there are some additional types. Some may consist of up to forty rays!

V. Sea star is able to resume the detached rays

Elikesik caught the star at the beam, it has the ability to leave him, like a lizard’s tail, and to escape from persecution. Sea stars can produce much of its vitally important organs in the rays. Including one with only the rest of the beam may be a new star. However, it will take time. For example, one beam grows for about a year.

VI. Sea stars have a protective coating

Depending on the type, sea stars have a rather tough leathery or needle coating which consists of plates of calcium carbonate with tiny spines on the surface. Stars used spikes for defense against predators, some of which may be fish, birds and sea otters.

VII. Stars do not have blood

Instead of blood they have a water-vascular system. Starfish pumps water into itself through the skin surface, and the legs help you post it all over the body.

VIII. Sea stars move by using their own legs tubes

The stars move across the sea bottom with the help of hundreds of feet. These legs are on the lower parts. Legs, full of water, what a star swallows a surface of the body. Starfish can move much faster than you realize. If you will be taken to the seashore at low tide, you will notice a large marine aquarium, look at how these animals move. Legs please also help the starfish to hold the prey: clams and mussels.

IX. Starfish has the ability to throw your stomach out

Stars a very special hunting method. It is established that their mouth is in the lower part of the body. They prey on clams and mussels, but also small fish, snails and cirripeds. Stars cover own rays door shells and open them, then after that throw your own ventricle through the mouth and dipped it into the sink. Having seized the victim, stars establish the ventricle into place simultaneously with the victim. This unique ability allows the star to eat perfectly, despite very small amounts of the mouth.

X. Do sea stars have eyes

On the edge of any beam star has on the eye. Eyes stars look like red spots. See these eyes, though not so fine as ours, but can distinguish between light and darkness.