Scat hvostokol, Sea cat
The body of the stingrays has a distinctive flattened in dorso-ventral direction slightly rhombic shape, the tail is elongated, 1.5 times the disk, armed with a long serrated spine. Anal…

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Shark. The most dangerous predator of the sea
These creatures are perfect, relentless and always hungry. They never sleep, and roam at night sea water, such as homing torpedoes. In this article I will tell you the most…

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Sea catfish

My first aquarium, or Why broke ampulyarii.

The aquarium I didn’t like never. Liked fish but did not consider them suitable Pets for me. They’re boring. But once in the store saw a round aquarium, and the idea to make a beautiful aquarium with some fish inside. Read about fish on the Internet, I realized that 7-liter Cup will be enough. Then I remembered that the wall got a spare shelf with dimensions of about HK(LxWxH). I looked on the online store, an aquarium with similar dimensions, and, lo and behold, found it. The aquarium was small — just 15 litres. But decided that is enough to start with and such.Went to the store. It turned out that these aquariums is long gone, and the cheapest is 10 liters 2500r. To surrender is not wanted. I was determined to. Went to the bird, it is not very far away. Aquarium with the correct size wasn’t in there too. I looked at the others. And my choice fell on an aquarium of 25 liters all for the same 300 rubles. More I did not buy anything, because in your pocket only had the money. Satisfied and shuffled home through the city, proudly carrying the aquarium by passers-by onlookers (no money left even for travel). Brought it home. Filled with stones that I had left of the cage, poured some water, put on the window (as anywhere else)and began to wait, as it should be in the manual, until there is established “balance”. I put on the tape the cardboard to the side so as not exposed to direct rays. Been reading, what it could mean. Not waiting long, 3 days. Water is cloudy so couldn’t see the background. Water leaked. Agreed, it’s because of the coconut shell, which I previously put in there for future catfish-suckers. Threw the coconut, again washed soil.

The next day I bought all the accessories (filter+compressor 2in1, cap, lamp, real plants, a bird feeder, a thermometer, a thermostat, an extension cord, a net). Again put the soil, poured some water, put the thermometer in, installed the bird feeder, hung the filter, covered with a lid and hooked the whole thing. Then I just forgot about it for 3 days, as required by the instructions found on the Internet. After 3 days put the hornwort. Waited another two days.

Wanted in my aquarium were snails. The most sane and simple I thought ampulyarii. Found an ad on the Internet about them free hand and went to the other end of the city on two buses (that’s what people freebie does). They lived in my Bank 3 days. On the second day I found this picture:

Surprised, upset, sent the poor man on a long voyage. I fed them every day and apples, and salad, changed their water, because a lot of shit. Well. Was 4, became 3.

First crawling on the ground, then went to the hornwort. I did it before even on chemistry. They started to nibble, my plantlets, although on the bottom I put a leaf of Chinese lettuce that they are sitting in a jar, well have cracked. Every 10 minutes, ran to the aquarium to view the work of pranksters. Constantly they were lost, hiding behind a Bush, one after another. Oh, how much I killed the nerves on this tank and these snails in particular.

Not visible very well because of the lighting. In the left corner of the aquarium and placed my bushes with hornwort.

OH YEAH! To live there I will have only guppies (stuff 7), because the water gets very hot (very hot) to 29 degrees. Catfish will not survive. Well, snails will also remain, of course.

Attention, questions:

1. Will they still eat my hornwort?

2. What would you advise to add in the aquarium for decor?

3. How to hide the filter, ugly sticking out the right side?

4. Well, refer to my first article. Explain a difficult teenager, what wrong is he doing?:)

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