Canadian Elodea or water plague

The birthplace of Elodea canadensis, as its name suggests, North America . Is one of the most popular in the world of aquatic plants. In the last century, the Elodea has been introduced and acclimatized in many countries of Europe. In Russia it is widely distributed in European Russia and Western Siberia in stagnant and slowly flowing waters. Plant, because of its ability to grow very quickly and create a dense cluster, hindering navigation and fishing, also known as “the plague water” or “water infection”.

Long, threadlike stems of Elodea is covered in long, transparent sheets, bright green color up to 1 cm in length and 0.5 cm in width. The plant stems can grow up to 3 m long and form a powerful thickets. Grows floating freely in the water column throughout the year.

Elodeja canadian very undemanding plant . Just feels better in moderately warm and cold-water aquariums. Tropical aquarium plant long to grow. The recommended water temperature 16 – 24 °C. tolerates a long period of temperature decrease to 12 °C. Stiffness and active reaction of water to Elodea do not matter, it grows well and is very soft and in hard water. But it is necessary to consider the characteristics of water when you move plants from one tank to another. As when moving plants from very soft water in indulona quickly dying, the stalks are literally dissolving. Moving the same in a soft water for the Elodea is painless. The plant is a natural aquarium filter, collecting the particles of turbidity, so the water is crystal clear. In addition, can prevent the appearance of algae because it absorbs a large amount of nutrients that accumulate in the aquarium water, and secretes antibacterial substances, preventing the appearance of blue-green algae (which are actually bacteria) that also contributes to its clearance.

Lighting for the Elodea should be bright enough . but it can withstand moderate shade. For artificial lighting suitable for fluorescent lamps type LB and bulbs. Power illuminators are selected individually depending on how is the tank and what plants surround the Elodea. Direct natural light is very useful.

In winter in natural conditions with a lack of lighting and low temperature effects of the detergent is lowered to the ground, keeping the growth buds. After conditions improved, the plant begins to grow rapidly again. In the aquarium while maintaining satisfactory water temperature and sufficient lighting Elodea grows all year round.

Elodeja canadian very easily propagated by cuttings of the stem . To plant good and quickly adapted to the new place the length of the cuttings should be at least 20 cm.

Before trimming the Elodea is better to remove from the aquarium and perform all manipulations in a separate container, as the juice of the plant is poisonous and, once in the water, can cause the death of young fish, sometimes inhabit the thickets. In addition, the juice of Elodea has an inhibiting effect on the growth of many tender plants.