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Aquarium fish — ornamental fish . which are contained in the aquariums . Aquarium fish originate from China . The Chinese began to breed aquarium fish since 2000 BC.

For the most part, aquarium fish characterized by bright decorative painting, fancy body shape and small size. The most popular type of aquarium fish are considered to be the gold fish .

To popular aquarium fish include: goldfish . zebrafish . ancistrus . barbs . angelfish . catfish . neon . nannostomus . the Labe . discus . guppies, etc.


Fish – cold-water animals, i.e. their body temperature is close to ambient temperature and does not exceed it by more than 0.5-1 degree (tuna can, the difference can be up to 10 degrees). Therefore, the speed of metabolic processes in fish depends on water temperature. Fish, like any vertebrate animal that has a skeleton, musculature, skin, respiratory system, excretion, reproduction and senses, digestive, circulatory and nervous system.

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Which fish to choose for the aquarium

If you are a novice aquarist, one of the main issues when selecting the fish will be compatibility of various kinds. Let’s see, how to cope with this task. So, new players are recommended to have aquariums the size of 60-100 litres. The number of fish the size of five cm in this tank will be about 35-60 (with the compressor).

There are several groups undemanding fish that do not require special care..

Pelleve: guppies, swordtails, mollies, platies. These unpretentious live-bearing fish are very popular among beginners. Big plus – they are easy to breed, it is only necessary to isolate the fry in time (and then eat).

Characins: neons, tetras, ternary (black Tetra). These fish are more capricious than pelleve, but you can pick up some simple content types (Tetra lemon, ternary)

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Scat hvostokol, Sea cat

The body of the stingrays has a distinctive flattened in dorso-ventral direction slightly rhombic shape, the tail is elongated, 1.5 times the disk, armed with a long serrated spine. Anal fin not. From the top, just behind the eyes are spiracles — breathing holes of the gills necessary for respiration has buried in the sand slope.

Dasyatis pastinaca

The mouth is on the bottom, flat teeth allow them to crush mollusk shells and crab shells. The body is naked, not covered with spines or scales, top gray or olive-brown, bottom light. Maximum width of drive (without fins) is about 60 cm in length can reach 2 m (marked in specimens 2.5 m), and weight — 22 kg. However, usually there are individuals width up to 45 cm.

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Aquarium fish

If you want to have fish, you need to start to equip with it a place of residence in your home. And so, the first thing you need is to purchase a aquarium. They are now very much, they have a different shape, different water capacity from liters to two hundred liters of water, the outdoor aquariums are those which have a large volume of water. But if you think that I chose the aquarium and all the fish run, then you are wrong because most people.

The most important condition is the design of the aquarium, and its content. The house fish, in which they can hide from prying eyes, shells, seashells of different sizes and shapes. Definitely need a lot of green algae are of different sizes fit. But the most important thing in the aquarium is not the stones and algae, and the filter for the water that will signal that the aquarium is dirty.

Lighting is essential for both you and for the inhabitants of the aquarium. Nowadays there are many different sensors which will facilitate you to care for fish. It must also be remembered that prior to filling the aquarium algae should consult with experts in this field, because General relativity or another type of fish adapted to different types of algae. Continue reading

The planting of plants and fish

First into the pond the plants are planted, then, after a month, when they take root, run fish. Otherwise the fish biting the sheets you could tear out plants by the roots. An important group of plants are plants exonerator that prevent water pollution, provide food and spawning grounds for fish. Underwater leaves absorb minerals and carbon dioxide, which serve as food for green algae. These include twrch (Hottonia), lagarosiphon (Laga-rosiphon), Urrutia (Myriophyllum), pondweed (Potamo-geton), Buttercup (Ranunculus) and tilley (Tillaea). Sometimes, to curb the growth of some plants such as watch, cattails, cottongrass bulrush, iris, etc. they are grown in special baskets. In the pond area of 6 m will put one or two water lilies, submerged fifteen and about ten coastal plants. Strongly growing species are planted in containers to limit their growth and not allow them to “score” the weaker plants. Very good for this purpose, the plastic slatted receptacles semicircular shape (they are more appropriate than rectangular, to rounded lines finished oval pond). Continue reading