How to make a pond for fish

Increase comfort of suburban life leads to a fundamental change in the basic concept of the suburban area. If earlier the area was considered to be well-groomed and the most exploited, if it could detect a slender rows of potatoes and tomatoes, today it is not enough. In the framework of the present development of innovative technologies and popularization of comfortable suburban life, becomes relevant to the construction of artificial ponds that perform not only a decorative function, but also intended for fish farming, which is considered one of the most exciting activities among the owners of country territory. How to benefit from the construction of an artificial pond and the joys of fish farming, as well as how to make a pond to fish in its suburban area – can be found in this material.

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The main purpose of an artificial pond: the aquaculture and fee fishing

No matter what purpose you will have a artificial pond, its creation requires some practical training and theoretical knowledge. Continue reading

Ornamental fish for pond – Water – the goods for the landscape design

Many “advanced” gardeners are not content with mere pond on the property. To finally merge with nature, they want to stay in your pond fish, splash in a man-made vadimchik, and at the same time to destroy the larvae of mosquitoes and other nasekomoe evil. This idyll, however, can break down some of the problems that it is better to know in advance.

1. Choice of fish. If you live in his pond for carp or tench, some of their existence to you, apparently, have only to guess. These fish feed on the bottom and spend most of their time. Clumsy and slow gold fish, especially species like the veiltail and telescopes, can very easily fall prey to neighborhood cats, if they don’t catch your own Vaska.

2. Very important to not overpopulate the pond fish. Like any living thing, they put a “normal housing”. In a crowded fish pond water quickly deteriorate, especially if missing or not working filtration system. In addition, in this pond the fish have to feed more often, which is not the best way affects the quality of water. The question often arises, how many fish can be kept in garden pond. Continue reading