Aquarium fish

If you want to have fish, you need to start to equip with it a place of residence in your home. And so, the first thing you need is to purchase a aquarium. They are now very much, they have a different shape, different water capacity from liters to two hundred liters of water, the outdoor aquariums are those which have a large volume of water. But if you think that I chose the aquarium and all the fish run, then you are wrong because most people.

The most important condition is the design of the aquarium, and its content. The house fish, in which they can hide from prying eyes, shells, seashells of different sizes and shapes. Definitely need a lot of green algae are of different sizes fit. But the most important thing in the aquarium is not the stones and algae, and the filter for the water that will signal that the aquarium is dirty.

Lighting is essential for both you and for the inhabitants of the aquarium. Nowadays there are many different sensors which will facilitate you to care for fish. It must also be remembered that prior to filling the aquarium algae should consult with experts in this field, because General relativity or another type of fish adapted to different types of algae. Continue reading

Ornamental Pond In The Garden

During the construction of an artificial pond, you must define its location and shape. In most situations, the pond give the correct geometric lines. It can be round, oval or square. When choosing a place, you need to find the site, which does not have a fully open site, and was missing a large amount of green space. You should avoid sudden changes of terrain.

Getting to the digging of the pond, it is necessary to provide, for what purpose you will use it. If he will perform only a decorative role, and fish are there to be found will not, then you need to take into account the depth of the freezing water. It is approximately 80-100 cm is why a fish pond must have a depth of about 2 meters for 30% of its surface area. In other cases the ponds deep digging impossible. They must have a depth of about 80 cm. the reason is that a large amount of water will adversely affect the film, and that of the high pressure will be torn. Continue reading

Marine aquarium in the house

I think that every lover of the beautiful there in my dreams to dive into the exotic underwater scenery of the coral reef. Transparent crystal water, enchanting design of the marine landscape and fantastic forms and colors of underwater inhabitants. But this dream can be realized, not necessarily go scuba diving and go far enough to find some space in the apartment for aquarium marine type. As in freshwater aquarium, it is difficult to create such vivid and unusual setting. Though this beauty is significantly more expensive, complex and requires constant care. Marine life is more gentle to the environment, quality and composition of water, its temperature parameters.

Types of marine aquariums

The most affordable option – aquarium for small aquatic animals such as clowns, chrysiptera, thalassoma. These fish coexist peacefully in a single vessel. This “Sea pond” with its calm and bright colors. Continue reading