TOP 10 Filter for the reservoir

Any garden pond and a small decorative lake with plants, and is a quiet backwater for fish, and an impressive swimming pool – need to have a quality filtration system.

Cleaning system reservoir

Different cleaning systems for ponds can contain elements of mechanical cleaning that can lighten the water by removing debris and dirt particles, as well as components of chemical and biological filtration and an ultraviolet lamp.

The last elements are used for disinfection and purification of toxins by using special filter substances such as coal or resin, and the normalization of microflora of water in a separate compartment of the filter contains special capsules with beneficial microorganisms. Continue reading

Exotic marine fish: Fish is a philosopher

Alectis albacore (Alectis ciliaris; international name African pompano; English name – thread-finned trevally) fish or a philosopher. This original and unusual representative of the family Lavrinovich widely distributed in subtropical and tropical waters of all oceans; primarily dwells among the coral reefs of the Indian and Western Pacific ocean.

Covered with small scales, or even “naked” body of a fish-philosopher has a rhomboidal shape and strongly compressed laterally. Subspecies of alectis that can be bred in captivity, can reach a body length of 50 cm in the oceans as maximum body length of these fish is 150 cm Color is a cold color scale: upper body colour is dark blue, below silvery; on the sides there are transverse stripes of dark metallic colors, and at the base of the longest rays is a small blue-black spots. The caudal peduncle of the fish-philosopher short, thin and ends with seroquelcialis fin.

Young individuals are characterized by greatly elongated filiform appendages of the rays of the dorsal and anal fins; the length of these spikes can exceed the length of the body even half. Age and growth of fish, they are shortened, and then completely disappear. Continue reading

Aquarium fish

If you want to have fish, you need to start to equip with it a place of residence in your home. And so, the first thing you need is to purchase a aquarium. They are now very much, they have a different shape, different water capacity from liters to two hundred liters of water, the outdoor aquariums are those which have a large volume of water. But if you think that I chose the aquarium and all the fish run, then you are wrong because most people.

The most important condition is the design of the aquarium, and its content. The house fish, in which they can hide from prying eyes, shells, seashells of different sizes and shapes. Definitely need a lot of green algae are of different sizes fit. But the most important thing in the aquarium is not the stones and algae, and the filter for the water that will signal that the aquarium is dirty.

Lighting is essential for both you and for the inhabitants of the aquarium. Nowadays there are many different sensors which will facilitate you to care for fish. It must also be remembered that prior to filling the aquarium algae should consult with experts in this field, because General relativity or another type of fish adapted to different types of algae. Continue reading

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